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Japan, World Bank to set up $3 bil fund for developing nations


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Some of this money will be used to improve the masts of windsufs boards in "Asia" And much of it will line the purses and pockets of female "entertainers" that visit Japanese - gov't workers

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more artificial created money by the banks, awesome

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Japan's national debts are 189% of the country's GDP! Why are they making their tax payer's responsibility to finance other nations?

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Will this "fund" be the usual way to get 3rd world counties' resources when they can't pay back the money? That's what the USA does with regular success...rape of the planet through "generosity"!

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they should bail out kansai and the stupid Osaka port project first.

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While the rest of the world do things like : rescue banks ,stocks, retail shops..etc only China is doing thing that makes sense to me : using 15% of its GDP to stimulate domestic economy through real wealth creation.

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Japan - take care of your own problems at home first - homeless, old-age care, pension, food scandals, etc.

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