Japan worries about shortage of key chemicals for COVID-19 tests


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It’s not as if the government could possibly have seen this crisis coming, is it?!!

Abe and his government cronies are making teenagers who leave their homework until Sunday night look good.

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They had how many months now....if you did this in your job you would be fired its time politicians be held responsible by the people because that is who they work for....

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Found an interesting article, ever heard of Dr Judy Mikovits ?

Watch this form your own opinion

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Due also to a lack of human resources and advanced preparations, the number of PCR tests done in Japan has been very low.

No. The biggest reason for the low test numbers in Japan has been the strict guidelines, which have made it quite difficult to get tested.

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Due also to a lack of human resources and advanced preparations, the number of PCR tests done in Japan has been very low.

The ministry has resisted using Private test labs and some universities for some unknown reason yet turnaround and complain about shortage of manpower which is completely false. I feel the reason for not allowing the private sector is because the ministry will lose its ability to maintain a strict control of data.

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@Bjorn Tomention it is a very interesting video.

Over-reporting = money. It definitely worked for S.Korea. They are now actually exporting test kits.

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Due also to a lack of human resources and advanced preparations, the number of PCR tests in Japan has been low.

Every other country had to deal with the same challenges and yet they miraculously manage to overcomei it, only Japan can,t....why is that J people should be asking ?

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How convenient...."We WANTED to increase testing, but now there is a shortage of chemicals". So despite relaxing the guidelines, they'll make sure you still can't get tested. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but the Japanese government is doing pretty much the opposite of what is recommended to get this under control (massive testing and tracking).

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No , The biggest reason for the low test numbers in Japan has been the strict guidelines, which have made it quite difficult to get tested

Agreed..additionally ....and one of the talking head shows was discussing this last night.....despite hot air Shinzo and his Kato sidekick trumpeting 15 - 20 thousand daily test capacity Japan still only tests a couple of thousand per day on average ..they were saying on the show that the reason is only big , often University type hospitals like Todai, Keiyo etc are doing the testing, there are actually a number of mid size hospitals putting their hand up to do the testing as well but guess what the ridiculous buraucratic red tape hold up is?......they apparently first need a contract with the ministry to do the testing....and of course in this land of paperwork and hanko it takes forever to make contracts as we all know. Now, any other country whose leadership has half a functioning brain cell would say heck do the testing as soon as you can hospitals , we will get you the contract paperwork asap even if at a later date since ya know we are dealing with a once in a century pandemic, but here? Naah...can,t be done honestly have to question whether its just the off the charts bureaucratic ineptitude here or the govt really intends to hold numbers down so the wonderful, clean Japan,s image doesnt get tarnished too much. Whichever one it is the govt/ bureaucracy incompetence is there for the whole world to see.

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Is this perhaps the real reason underlying the dearth of testing - lack of chemicals due to lack of trust of "foreigners"? If so, consider that 70% of food on a calorie basis is imported, and that people use it every day... Time to give up protectionism and do what's right by the people, not the corporations.

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Kudos Bjorn.

I am now reading a Kindle version of the book co-authored by Mikovits ... and what she has to say about corruption in science, matches my boots-on-the-ground observation of the petty politics of academia in Japan, as well as the pettiness author Marc Freidman pointed out behind the Nobel Prize nominations in the sciences.

Science today, like institutionalized religions of the past, has been reduced to little more than a cherry picking tool by those with less than noble personal ambitions.

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I know a lot of people here, especially politicians, like to just pray things away and hope for the best, and then panic when it doesn't work that way, but have they honestly never heard of preparation? especially given that this virus was known about since last December, and people were warned this could happen, there is no excuse for not having enough of the ingredients unless they were never planning to do many tests to begin with.

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The RNA purification reagents did not became scarce just recently, once the pandemic took strength around the world and RT-PCR appeared to be the golden standard for testing, kits began increasing the price and becoming scarce. Laboratories not related to coronavirus research but that use RNA have been struggling because of this (the same as with ethanol, masks, etc)

Still, the problem only requires a few days to be solved, there are many other products from different companies that can replace the kits from Qiagen, it is only required that some samples are processed in parallel using different products to see if there is any differences in results. Once this testing is finished the work should continue the same as before without any real trouble.

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Over-reporting = money. It definitely worked for S.Korea. They are now actually exporting test kits.

What about China, the only other country to significantly export their kits? They under reported yet still exported their kits, so that argument is bs.

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Japan could ask their neighboring countries for help, but the have P’ed them all off. Other countries don’t seem to have this dilemma. People had the sense to start stockpiling toilet paper months ago. Why didn’t Japan start stockpiling testing reagents for testing? Just in case, you know?

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Japan's image takes another kicking.

We can't test because we're out of what now? Meanwhile every other country ramps up testing.

Related. we can't tele-work...because....too hard...mumble mumble...lack of security...mumble....

We can't enforce shut down because...more mumbling.

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Over-reporting = money

I'm flabbergasted by this B.S. Reporting cases of covid 19 loses money in a big way. Each reported case has to quarantine themselves or risk infecting others. They can't work when reported positive. Therefore they can't make any MONEY! Many who are infected must be hospitalized. Guess who pays for that? The state who loses money with each patient. The more case are reported, the longer some businesses remain shut, the longer lockdowns and shelter in place rules are in place.

 It definitely worked for S.Korea

It did not. S. Korea actually boosted their stimulus package to 200 bn. Losing alot of money right there.

Overreporting would have made that worse.

They are now actually exporting test kits.

Seegene has actually been exporting test kits since at least late March. I don't care if it's Seegene (SK) or Roche (Swiss) or Bosch (Germany) exporting tests. If any company makes a useful test they should sell it to anyone that needs them and, yes, profit from their hard work. That's capitalism at its best.

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188 PCR tests per 10,000 people

The article is completely wrong, there have been just over 180,000 tests overall in Japan. With a population of over 120,000,000 that is about 15 tests per 10,000 people, not 188.

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@Tom Doley. But they did report lots and lots of cases remember ? S.Korea got infected later so they had to do better. It is not bs, especially not just because China doesn't export as much.

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There is no shortage yet. The govt is trying to address that problem in advance.

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This must be a joke. Japan source all the ingedients before too late.

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