Saitama zoo mourns death of love-struck penguin


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See you, Space Cowboy. Hululu will be sad, too. ... But where's Midori!?

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Poor myopic penguin. He was probably convinced she was playing really-hard-to-get.

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Zoos really suck. The anthropomorphization is so contrived, "husband, wife, fall in love". Really? Great way to get money from the public but locking animals up for pleasure and money making, why do we need it? They are animals.. They should be born free and left that way. Likely the reason Midori found another mate was this old chap couldn't keep up with the younger males. Midori wants her eggs to turn out chicks which is pure instinct not emotion.

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Random dude stares at anime girl for hours on end and everybody pulls away in disgust.

Some penguin does the same and everybody loses their mind! kawaiiiiiiiii

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Saitama zoo mourns death of love-struck penguin

So, they put up a sexually demeaning cardboard cut out of a child. Perfect!

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RIP, little one.

As for Manga, People need to educate themselves and stop thinking all manga, comes, cartoons and anime is kids stuff.

Plenty out there where the target audience are adults and the characters are adults too.

Like the weekly manga aimed at OL.

Granted many adult books are now considered child's stuff like Teenage Mutant Turtles, Gulliver's travels, Watership Down, etc yet many of those were banned due to being critical of governments.

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i disagree with concrete cage zoos, but after going to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – Gold Coast, and Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, i think these modals should be the minimum requirement for zoos. if the creatures can live in an enclosure as close as possible to their natural habitat, then both animals can have some dignity and people can wonder at the marvels of nature.

reminds of a kids exhibition i saw in london. the school kids had to draw fish. they had two designs. one was the shape of fish fingers, the other was a brown triangle shape.

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For some reason, this story reminds me of Krieger and Mitsuko.

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@simon g - "... pure instinct not emotion"

Isn't feeling emotional an instinct? Although penguins lay eggs, they nurse their young. I've seen (on TV) a childless penguin angling to draw another females child into her protection by constantly getting near and snuggling. The actual mother got madder and madder as the interloper couldn't take the hints to bug off, and finally exploded in anger and attacker her viciously. Penguins are noted for often (but not always) staying with their partner for life - so isn't it possible that the abandoned partner could feel lovesick?

It's not really the animals are like people, just that people are still mostly animal.

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