Japanese airlines hail Dreamliner battery fix approval


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Guess they won't be happy until one drops out of the skies full of passengers -- and then they'll deny they thought it could ever happen. As usual, though, the bottom line trumps safety.

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Great. Can't wait to get back on it. Have flown it long haul with ANA a couple of times. Very very good.

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@smith, no it doesn't and it never does. Safety is always paramount.

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If you care for your safety so much, do not use an airplane. Do not use cars, either, for cars might fail. Do not use trains. Do not use any electric appliances for they might short circuit and cause fire. You should not eat any processed food, for they might contain hazardous material. Stay away from anything. If you happen to get injured in an accident, do not say “I thought it could ever happen”, for you would not allow others to say so. I would rather like to take risks and live comfortably.

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Looks like smithinjapan is outnumbered here...that's too bad. The decision to put the Dreamliners back in service as quickly as possible is absolutely based on monetary factors rather than on safety. Yes, we may not be aeronautic specialists but our instincts don't lie.

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Only test flights have been approved. Commercial flights won't resume until safety is assured. The last thing Boeing or the airlines want is a crash of a 787 loaded with passengers.

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@Lets, yes it's true there is a large amount of money involved. But the plane is not being rushed back into service. Boeing has come up with a proposed remedy and the FAA is allowing testing to begin. This will be a lengthy process. I would be very surprised if it was flying by June or July. And probably longer for ETOPs flights. Fire is the most serious emergency that pilots face and none of them will want to be flying that plane if there is any doubt about the problem being completely resolved.

There will always be risks involved with flying, and as Orville Wright said "If you want absolute safety with flying, it's best you should sit on your porch and watch the birds".

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@Smithinjapan Nope. Safety is number one.

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Exactly - Heelsvien. When it flies again, We will all be able to board with complete confidence.

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