Baby hatch operator calls for allowing anonymous childbirth


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Great idea.

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Hope it gets approved.

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Great idea, however the hurdles for this to become reality are daunting.

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This is a great idea, as is the baby hatch. It's just a shame there is a need for such a service.

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Germany has a law allowing anonymous childbirths in hospitals, while granting the children born the right to know their mothers' identity when they reach 16.

What is the point of this? Citizenship rights are totally different. There is no reason for making this comparison as Japanese rights of citizenship are totally different.

Quit adding obfuscating information into articles like these!

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Yubaru-Such information is useful for reference, and of interest to many readers

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It's impossible to give birth anonymously as the birth is not the only contact a pregnant women has with health services. Are they going to have all their anti-natal care anonymously too?

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It's impossible to give birth anonymously

We hear every year on this site of cases where a mother has given birth privately without any medical assistance (usually in connection with a tragic tale of abandoning the baby). The article says 62 of the babies were born without medical assistance. If these people can give birth without medical assistance, it suggests they can also go to a clinic that offers anonymous care.

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