Japanese Bon dance picking up popular tunes as it goes int'l


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I can't imagine doing Bon Odori dance to Hip Hop and Rap music. The ancestral spirits must be spinning in their tombs.

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More power to them! Incorporating modern music is great! Just please dont forget the "original'" tunes along the way!

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Good for Japan! I can definitely see Bon-dancing becoming a boom worldwide, especially with Tokyo 2020 around the time of O-bon. It is a really cool style of dancing, and millions of tourists may take bon-dancing back to their nations.

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I do love the Bon dances, the locality comes together for a couple of nights and it's good natured fun.

And of course, there's no harm in including a bit of fusion and mixing it up, tune wise.

Will it go global? Unlikely, it's so uniquely Japanese. But then again, stranger things have happened.

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HalwickToday 07:43 am JST

I can't imagine doing Bon Odori dance to Hip Hop and Rap music. The ancestral spirits must be spinning in their tombs.

They had the Tokyo Ondo, The Doraemon Ondo, The Pikachu ondo, etc. etc. Don't worry, the ancestral spirits can handle some Hip Hop and Rap themed ondo.

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Any links to youtube?

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In some places, this can be like sports day in that they have practice sessions beforehand. If all you do is turn up at the festival and have a bit dance, trying to follow the moves, that's great. It's not so great when its every Tuesday and Thursday night for a month before the festival, your wife has to go off and practice.

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Dancing together us always good for community spirit.

Glad to hear this is gaining popularity.

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DJ Koo shared his experience of bringing Bon dance to orphanages and settlements in South Africa and Rwanda, where people danced to "Kawano Nagare No Yo Ni (Like the Flow of the River)" by Hibari Misora, a Japanese diva who died in 1989.

The mental picture of South African and Rwandan orphans Bon dancing to the sounds of the utterly fabulous Ms. Misora Hibari has brought quite a shine to my day.

If you've never heard her, you have to.

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The dancing is just part of the culture.

I can’t see it catching on.

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