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Japanese brain cancer specialist says he never examined pope


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Diagnosed without an examination? It's a miracle.

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Mountain out of a mole hill!

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Who cares?? Don't tell me the media here is desperate for the recognition of a Japanese doctor seeing someone of importance.

-9 ( +1 / -10 )

Dr. Fukushima relaxes by playing drums in a Dixieland jazz band. He's a real character.

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This might be a true story.

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Me neither. I couldn't give a X about the leader of a global cult which brainwashes people and hides sex criminals. Everybody in USA was on the bandwagon when he visited there. I can just imagine the same thing if he were to come to Japan.

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I'd say this story is true. Anyone who claims they are the voice of god on Earth surely has a brain tumour

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The Pope is healthy. Let him live his life as he wishes.

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@Smithinjapan Doctor Fukushima is very well known internationally in the field of brain surgery. He doesn't need to be associated with someone famous to get recognition. And if you read the article carefully you will note that it was the Italian media who originally reported this story!!!

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@Smithinjapan, I believe that the present article stated that "...in an Italian news report as having diagnosed a brain tumor in Pope Francis....", as far as I know Italy is not Japan (dramatic pause).

But who knows... you guys have better information sources than me so, probably Italy is Japan.

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"Don't tell me the media here is desperate for the recognition of a Japanese doctor seeing someone of importance."

It was reported by the "ITALIAN news outlet National Daily"

Looks like you are the one desperate to criticize Japan any chance you get.

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It was one of the main news here in Italy both in tv and in the newspapers. Of course the fact the doctor was Japanese wasn't the reason why it was a such big news and smith is wrong.

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