Japanese man attempting Everest climb turns back


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Probably a wise choice. Kudos for trying all the same.

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Wow! Lost nine fingers on a previous climb and still attempting to climb that beast? I am curious to see how he manage to climb the toughest mountain on Earth with such a difficult handicap. Glad he made that decision to turn back. It's better safe than sorry because they don't bring down the dead bodies from up there.

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Seems that common sense prevailed, good for him, it's not worth dying for.

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guys like him don't stop until they are dead.

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Wise enough to turn back,not worth it to try to conquer. Simply adding on to the sad list if he cannot make it.

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I guess he decided that last finger was too important.

I will of course defend a person's right to be an idiot with their own life and limb, but geez, what an idiot!

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Salute from Nepal for your attempt..

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Sounds like he made the right choice. I climbed (more like hiked) a few of Colorado's "14ers". The first time I tried to "summit", I got altitude sickness at only 11,000 feet. I could feel my heart pounding in the back of my skull, and I felt like tossing my cookies. I had to wait while the rest went on ahead.

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Well, obviously with the chance of death climbing mount Everest it's a smart move to turn back. I can't remember how many people die each year just trying to take that mountain. It's nice to have challenges in life for those who want them, but sometimes the instinct of self-preservation should trump that.

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The name alone "dead zone, speaks it..who would want to go there in the first place,,thank God he humbled himself to return and leave his pride there in the said dead zone!

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Japanese man attempting Everest climb turns back

Brave man for even trying. That mountain has broken many an elite climber.

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Climbing Mt. Everest total costs $100,000 at the minimum. He climbed 5 teams. It must be nice to have that type of money to be burn at 31 years old.

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