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Court rejects residents' calls to halt Kansai Electric's aging nuclear reactor


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permitting utilities to subtract offline periods in calculating reactors' operational life beyond the current 60-year limit.

Another count down to next Fukushima?

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The courts and judges will always follow the establishment or government policy.

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The court also dismissed other safety concerns raised by the plaintiffs, including earthquake resistance and evacuation plans, citing a lack of concrete proof of potential risk.

The ‘concrete proof’ that Japan is a seismically active country ‘proof’ is lacking?

The judges must be ignorant on the geological nature of the country in which they live…

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Nuclear is the only way to go.

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Japan should build new nuclear reactors and decommission older ones. This shouldn't be controversial at this point.

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The power companies can no longer afford to construct new reactors.

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Nuclear is the only way to go.

for energy independence , yes it is, where do you want to get your energy, Arabs from the middle east or Russia, or Japans friends and allies like Australia for Uranium?

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"A Japanese court ruled Tuesday that a 45-year-old nuclear reactor in Fukui Prefecture can continue to operate, rejecting demands by residents that it be suspended because of safety risks, a decision supportive of the government’s push for greater use of nuclear energy because of possible global fuel shortages and the country's pledge to reduce carbon emissions."

Remember these words, people, because we know the government, Kanden, and the courts will conveniently forget when the next big disaster hits. And it's very much WHEN, and not at all IF. We got VERY lucky with Fukushima, but when the big one hits here we may well have to leave the entire area permanently.

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Does this one have its backup generators below sea level in a known tsunami area? If so, turn it off. If not and there are no other major vulnerabilities (surely a case by case, reacto by reactor thing), leave it on.

The thing I do not understand with Dai Ichi is that the backup generators were underground but the pool storing the spent fuel was four storeys up. There will be some logic to it, but I don't know what it is.

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It always makes me smile or LOL, when people say that Nuclear is clean energy and it is .....UNTIL there is an accident then its the most dirty life threatening substance ever discovered by man, which remains dirty for thousands of years. Ever heard of ONKALO ?....Its an underground bunker where humans are hoping to sweep all their nuclear waste under the earths carpet so speak. Look it up.

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A future powered by the atom.

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Seismic resistance of all nuclear plants in Japan including this Mihama are far-inferior to general quake-proof home.

Besides, somehow, numerical value of seismic resistance of nuclear reactors of Japan that Japanese power major announces are up without reinforcement year by year despite ading deterioration.

Nuclear policy of Japan are full of falsehood and deception as same as LDP government themselves.

in this connection, Judges who stopped restart of nuclear plants are demoted, cannot promote in Japan.

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Japan expands arms-race policy by inciting anxiety as if North Korea and China begin preemptive attack to Japan now, on the other hand, strengthen to depend on nuclear plants that become military target when the war.

LDP government who are insensitive to safety of citizen, their arms race policy are also never for people.

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I thought the new reactors and fuel will need to rush in uranium. That doesn't sound very reliable. I'm sure they wouldn't overlook that would they?

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Russian uranium

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