Emperor resting due to cerebral anemia


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They should have let him stand down as soon as they could, ie a lot sooner than two years after he requested it. Poor guy.

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engagement to a 32-year-old commoner.

so we are all commoners? I thought we are abe san, abe chan or abe Suma. Now also abe commoner.

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Poor fella. Just wants to have his final years doing a bit of travelling with his wife by his side. Let the guy go now. At his age another year is too long to wait.

What sadist would insist he carries on?

Other than the IHA?

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Well, the IHA and the ultra-right wingers who would rather the man die than retire just might get their wish granted by putting his retirement off to the last minute, if this keeps up. I hope he rests and gets well, and can finally retire from work and enjoy life a wee little bit in the time left.

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A terrible shock, get well soon Emperor. Wishing you back to full health and duties very soon.

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Maria - agree completely. Let him rest and enjoy the rest of his life. I have always liked the Emperor and his wife. They seem like a really nice couple and he seems like a genuinely good person.

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My comment is not negative to the current imperial family. I have met them twice and fully respect them. For example, they just visited Fukushima for so many times. Abe only visited a a day or two before his snap election.

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he must be allowed to retire immediately. This is cruel

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Wishing you back to full health and duties

Full health and duties? What a silly comment. The man is 84 years old, he is clearly reaching the end so what full health you expect him to reach and what duties you want him to do?

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Question: Is this actually a stroke, and they have simply changed the language so as to not call it that?

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Cerebral anemia does not exist.

Just a way to say he may have had a stroke.

I wish him full recovery but please spare his late years to have a personal life.

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The man is ill, let him retire and leave him alone.

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I truly feel sorry for this man. He has worked so hard to try and make up for what Japan did during the war, and you cn tell he is sincere about his regret. I also like how he has tried to rebuke Abe and his right wing group and remain neutral, which is not easy to do. I would love to see him allowed to step down now, but now with all the plans for next April going full bore ahead. But if the poor man is to pass before the blame will all be in the IHA. They worked him into his grave.

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Ganbare Japan - and his duties ?! He's 84 and probably just had a stroke for God's sake! Would you make such a comment about your own elderly relatives?

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The emperor should do the Japanese public and nation and unborn children a MASSIVE civic favor and say “I’m tired, I have done my duty...see ya!”

Imagine the Emperor respecting a work/life balance? What a precedent set for everyone else to see!

I’m not kidding here either.

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I hope the Emperor gets well soon.

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that is very sad. life is short, let him retire and enjoy. are they trying to kill him before he retires?

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*Akihito and Michiko have spent much of their time trying to address the legacy of World War Two, which was fought in the name of his father Hirohito, and consoling victims of disasters or other woes. He is widely respected by average Japanese.** *He is well respected everywhere. I firmly believe he has made many wrongs right. He is Hirohito's son. Not the Father. He paid his dues. Done his best to make things right. Now the public and the Japanese government need to let him enjoy what little time he has left obviously. たいへん よくできました。

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I can't think of anything sadder than seeing a nation literally work its revered Emperor to death. I mean, if this guy couldn't ease his way into retirement, what hope is there for the rest of folks.

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As stated on numerous occasions, I am not a monarchist. That said, it's ridiculous to keep the Emperor on.

He should retire immediately and sod the nationalists' feelings.

If you really, truly love your Emperor - let him go.

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There's no doubt there's an awful lot of support for the Emperor, even from non-monarchists.

It would also be interesting to see support for the immediate abdication. A bit of compassion wouldn't go amiss and nobody would really hold it against his highness if he stepped down tomorrow, surely?

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The sick Emperor is now clearly worn out and deserves the peace and quiet due to an old man who has served the nation conscientiously. He should not stand on ceremony and end his reign forthwith with the assurance that the majority of Japanese will support his immediate retirement. Those who object and insist on his sticking to the unreasonable IHA timetable may soon have his blood on their hands. No person of good-will would want to risk exposing the Emperor to the danger of becoming just another avoidable statistic in Japan's sad karoshi culture. Just do it!

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Question: Is this actually a stroke, and they have simply changed the language so as to not call it that?

It might be that, however, it could also be other things with similar symptoms such as vertigo which can be treated very easily with great success. As with anyone his age this raises the level of concern, but it's wise not to speculate.

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Wishing you back to full health and duties very soon. yeah because you know he hasn't done enough yet and should do his duties until the grave. I can tell you no amount of wealth fame or privilege would make me want to marry into a Royal family.

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They should let him step down when he wants to! He's clearly more than aware of his limits. But typical Japanese beaureaucracy and pride ignores everything outside of itself.

Here's hoping His Royal Highness makes a full recovery.

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