Kansai Yamamoto said his eye-catching and gender-bending designs meant he was bound to stand out. Photo: AFP/File

Renowned Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto dead at 76


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RIP Kansai Yamamoto.

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I met him years ago in a Japanese restaurant in Florence (as one does).

He left us with a hearty 'Gokigenyo!'

I'll savour that again.

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A girlfriend gave me an orange tie with the Kansai Yamamoto brand in 1988. I basically wore it out, as it used to draw compliments. I just searched my wardrobe but it's no longer there.

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My deepest condolences.

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Years sgo I bought a Yamamoto set of Japanese cups, they were really beautiful, chic and everything, hot or cold tasted delicious. There's something to be said for buying beautiful things. RIP

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Those few paragraphs about his childhood... what a sad image of a lonely child sitting in a darkening world he paints with just a few words.

A sad loss for his family, and I wish them well. Fly straight, Mr Yamamoto.

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