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Japanese fighters conduct air drills with U.S. bombers close to Korean peninsula


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Since N. Korea is technically at War still with the US and S.Korea, it could be said that neither side won't be making any first shots here. However, there will be no Winners in this game.

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Are they playing the Hawk-Dove game?

This is maybe a good solution actually as NK will waste it's arsenal.

Well, they will probably stop so they can replenish (with the help of China).

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Subs, where are the NK subs...I am glad and support Japan's move to train side by side with the US.  Lately the testing has been towards Japan.  NK should not tempt the US any further or be turned to dust.

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mmwkdwToday 05:10 pm JSTSince N. However, there will be no Winners in this game.

If you mean "winner" as in coming out unscathed you may be right. But if you mean blown off the face of this earth, then no, you're very wrong.

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OssanAmerica: No, it's you that is wrong. If war starts with NK, it's over. You might like to think it won't be, but it will.

Just hope Japan doesn't act surprised when tomorrow Hokkaido is put on the list of targets next to Guam. They will, but I hope they understand why. They won't, but I hope when shown that it's because of participation in such training and other acts of baiting, they don't make pot meet kettle statements. They will, but hope they see the hypocrisy. They won't, but hope when it's pointed out to them they understand. They won't, but hey, TIJ.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

Thanks to our Japanese and US Airforce who will put their life on the line for YOU tomorrow if the call comes.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Some one Nameless is Begging for Trouble in a Very Big way could be resolved with a massive Nuclear Devices that Will Wipe North Korea Of the World Maps forever into Barren Land .

-6 ( +0 / -6 )

Bad method as it will kill millions in NK and hurt & sicken millions more in neighbouring countries. Fukushima by comparison was a water balloon as the radiation, etc won't stop at NK borders.

8 ( +8 / -0 )

Don't need to nuke them. We have MOABs.

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Hopefully N. Korea's Internet connection to the outside World will be cut in accordance to these new UN Sanctions. This may curtail some of the hacking that they're supposed to be doing in order to obtain funds.... so would/should fall under the latest sanctions remit.

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When I was young boy there was a house with a big long wooden fence. The boys and girls used to take sticks and run the sticks along the wooden fence to make a nice noise. Inside the fence was a garden, in the garden was a very stressed Labrador. Day after day day after day the boys and girls repeated the same action which drove the dog to despair and anger. One day,a friend's sister put her face close to the fence and tried to look into the garden via a small hole there.

The dog jumped up and bit her nose and cleaved it down the middle. The girl needed eight or nine stitches to repair the wound.

And the moral of the story is...

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re: Pacint the US will not have to use nuclear weapons to get the job done. Please listen very closely to what President Trump said today.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Pride is preventing dialogue at a time when being humble enough just to be able to listen and talk is much more powerful than flying those same old planes again.

Kim must be secretly amused watching the planes again.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Both can nuke each other & it will be stupid to start the war since the issue is still manageable.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

live bomb practice this morning and after lunch. can anybody give real information about service personel evacuation, without NK seeing it?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

The real losers here are the NK population, no matter the outcome the tightening up of sanctions will mean more suffering. The little "fat" dictator will not miss a meal while the rest of the population will be called upon to do more with less.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

This is called "poking the sleeping bear cub". Alternatively, it is what a bully does when repeatedly sticking their finger into the chest of a much smaller target and daring them to "Hit me!". Both trump and abe NEED a war. They are both up to their necks in their own cesspools and a crisis is the "go to", a standard political tool at least in the U.S. for distracting the people, and it doesn't matter how many lives will be sacrificed for the sake of a political psychopath's career. Please try to imagine if Bukhan were doing this to Nihon or the United States. We're already seen in recent stories how Nihon roars if a Bukhan ship gets within 200 miles of Nihon but how it squeaks if the Chinese actually enter the 12 mile territorial waters. And Bukhan's primitive weapons compared to America's arsenal and the ever increasing Japanese arsenal make very clear that this is "WMDs" all over again. Don't let these failing political parties and their constant lies and propaganda do yet again what is so clear to anyone who takes a serious look at the details. Does anyone at all seriously think that the Bukhan leaders do not know the wasteland their country would become if they tried to do any of the things which their 'Western-media-reported' tiny dog barking would suggest? ¡Mierda del toro! Yo!

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

The CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller is reporting what Mattis is saying to NK.....


The day before yesterday he was saying Pres Trump asked 3 times why we don't use nuclear bombs if we have them...... Duh, as a deterrent would have been my reply....

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North Korea only has maybe 5 warheads. They know exactly how many ICBMs they could launch before retaliation.

America knows there isn't a 100% effective way to shutdown collateral civilian casualaties mostly in Asia specifically South Korea but also Japan,

The main difference is Trump has only killed people tacitly by managing slums in poor parts of America. The leader of North Korea....

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Two B-1s and two F-16 are hardly a show of force and will not impress or frighten Kim Jong-un. Jong-un knows Trump's "Fire and Fury" threat is nothing but a bluff. The pusillanimous pacifists will see to it that no military action will ever happen. Already UN, Japan and U.S. are working behind the scene to appease Jong-un and will agree to "dialog" and "peace" treaty terms that will surrender South Korea to North Korea and rule under his brutal totalitarian regime.

mmwkdw wrote: "...However, there will be no Winners in this game.

The NK will be the winner. After threats of targeting Guam, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, and U.S continent., the "peace activists" will demand an appeasement and Jong-un will get what he wants without firing a shot.

Bill Write wrote: "...The real losers here are the NK population..."

No, the real loser will be South Korean people.

Many of you have never lived under such a regime and that's why you all are so willing to capitulate to a "peaceful" appeasement solution. I don't believe the South Korea people would be willing to live under a unified Korea under terms that allows Jong-un in charge.

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Wait a minute. This action is not self defense. Back to the homeland and wait for something to happen in Japan's air space when it will be too late. NK to Japan - ten minutes for the NK missile.

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