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Japanese firm donates 10,000 high-tech masks for Ebola fight


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Good on them! And I hope Abe and company will reimburse them for this act of generosity and world citizenship.

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Not sure how much good that will do since the virus is transmitted through any contact.

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How magnanimous of them to do that.

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Ebola is not an airborne virus.....

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Facemasks don't make sense against Ebola.

This is from the experts at CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy) "We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks."

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Japan does act responsibly in trying to help, can't say much for other countries stepping up and trying, not even the number 2 so called country. In my book good going Japan any effort is worth a try.

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Great gesture. Hope other Japanese companies and wealthy individuals follow suit. Paul Allen of Microsoft fame has donated $100 million, William Gates $50 million and Mark Zuckerberg $25 million. It is only by companies and concerned citizens of the world making such magnanimous gestures that things like ebola can be stopped. We all are one race afterall , the human race, and all share the same planet. Bravo to all who are contributing in some way, including Clever.

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Bless their little ole hearts. You Southerners know what I mean.

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Whether facemasks are effective against Ebola or not, Clever did a great deed. Btw, its the numerous government and associations that wanted to buy the masks in the first place. Instead of selling them, they're donating it to those who asked. It's not a meaningless gestures like some of you make it out to be.

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I heard Ebola is not airborne infection. Why such high tech masks are needed? Regular surgical masks seems okay as long as they don't touch blood, saliva, poo, pee,,,etc.

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Its not a great gesture, nor is it out of generosity.

First of all, it all a marketing ploy. This company is just trying to get exposure by exploiting a high profile situation. Its pathetic and this company should be ashamed of themselves. Secondly, it sends a wrong message to the public that Ebola could be contracted by inhaling it, when it can't. Ebola can only be contracted through direct contact, so in turn, this company could be propagating fear and panic to the public

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If I were on that place I'd gladly accept all precaution as much as possible. It may not be airborne but jeez I wouldn't take risks since the mouth and nose are both possible portal of entry. Anything going in there surely gets absorbed.

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@Andreas Zachcial ... CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy) "We believe ... Ebola virus ... transmitted via ... aerosol particles ... which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks."

Perhaps the idea is that the Pittarich mask, killing 99% of viruses, is somewhat better than most facemasks.

Perhaps, the medical staff in question are African workers who are presently using facemasks as they have no respirators.

However, it is necessary to realize that killing 99% of viruses does not equate to a 99% reduction in transmission. If an extremely sick patient's virus count doubles every hour for 24 hours their virus count will increase by 16 million times. 1% of 16 million is still to huge a number for safe approach.

For treating patients who have just begun to show symptoms and whose virus count is still low, this mask may noticeably reduce transmission - but that's in cases where transmission danger was not so high to begin with.

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Only use for the masks is preventing saliva from sneezes and coughs from being sprayed around. Well, that's all we can get for now I guess.

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@Mirai Hayashi

”ts not a great gesture, nor is it out of generosity.”

Yes, yes, I'm sure the government of Guinea appreciate your meaningless posts on JapanToday than free surgical masks that they requested and were going to pay for.

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I agree with others that this is a meaningless and self-serving gesture. Having masks won't do squat. You need gloves, eye protection boots, and covering for your entire skin.

I suppose every little bit helps, but once again, Japan is like the little kid pretending to help the adults lift a 10,000 weight saying something like "I wanna help!"

Any situation like this, the BEST donation is cash, so those in need can buy what they need.

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"Ebola is not an airborne virus….." exactly.

The person in the story photo… probably would do better to do something with her hair, before it gets drug through something and some other something attaches itself to it. ne?

H.S. What if the gov. of gui is requesting/getting something that is based on ignorance? The story does sound 'self serving' on the part of this company.

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@gaijininfo Any situation like this, the BEST donation is cash, so those in need can buy what they need.

You obviously don't know how things work in Africa!

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7,500 yen per mask or is that for a box of them? at 7,500 yen that is one expensive mask, but well worth it, if it saves your and someones lives. I think the board of directors should be well thanked for there donation... well done chaps!!

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It's the thought that counts...

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The typical design of an Ebola ward in Africa has three parts

(1) Triage (admissions)

(2) Suspected or early cases of Ebola

(3) Cases in the thrall of Ebola

(1) and (2) are relatively low risk of infection. (Remember Duncan was throwing up on the way to the hospital the second time but noone who had contact with him at that time or earlier got sick, but two nurses got sick treating him in the late stages, even though they were using hazmat suits to the best of their ability).

So perhaps the masks are intended for use in (1) only, or (1) and (2) only. Or perhaps for health workers who are traveling to peoples homes making inquiries or checking up on reports.

It's wise to be wary, but more information is required before jumping to conclusions. In the meantime, I say good job.

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On news video, people who work in Ebola vicitim's hospital all wearing face masks

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Experimental drug is way to go, since people have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

This is the best opportunity to fast track the experimental drugs straight on sick human being rather than on healthy animals.

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Another news video, The people who work have surgical gloves, their arms have somekind of wrapps. No one had cash on their mouth or hand, I think cash will be used to buy equip,emt etc with sellers get good profits, so this Japanese company donated masks instead of money.

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