Japanese grant to help Jordan cope with Syria refugees


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Good show, Japan!

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It is an inter-islamic conflict. Why the hell do we have to pay for that? Instead paying money to surrounding countries to help with the effects of Muslim Brotherhood terrorism in Syria, we should stop funding and aiding the terrorists. Insane!

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Jordan is the Switzerland of the middle east... they have no bias with any race or religion.. good for japan to show support.

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"Jordan is the Switzerland of the middle east... they have no bias with any race or religion."

86% of Jordanians polled supported the death penalty for those who leave Islam, according to a 2010 Pew Global Attitudes survey. No religious "bias," eh? LOL. But you're right. By the appalling standards of that region and its creed, Jordan is still, ahem, progressive. They still don't deserve the aid, not with such widespread intolerance.


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Only about $2 for each refugee. But it is a start to make these refugee can eat once in a while. Hope other countries can help these refugees. I don;t think race or religeon has nothing to do to feed them. Just give them food. Do they have to sleep on the ground in tents? Jordan itself is a poor country. Even so, they take refugees.

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