Japanese hiker lost in New Mexico repeatedly dialed for help


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Still no report on what happened to the boyfriend she was walking with?? Was he abducted by aliens?

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neverknow2: We may never know what became of him, all reports I have read are vague. They were hiking and became separated, nothing more.

Other articles do suggest she sounded quite frustrated when her calls were repeatedly diverted to administration services. When she did speak to a 911 operator, that operator was the pilot's wife. They went on to say the tail rotor hit a tree upon take-off and crashed.

Although it was New Mexico, I doubt he was abducted.

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A sad story. But being found sooner or later may not have influenced the tragic outcome...

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if this had been a foreigner in japan ,newspapers would have been full of reports of stupid foreigner getting lost ,causing meiwaku and getting a japanese killed

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flyingfish: Really? Can you give an example of this kind of story before?

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It seems strange that Yamamoto and her boyfriend got separated. When you are hiking in unfamiliar terrain miles from anywhere, you'd hardly split up and lose sight of each other. I hope it wasn't the result of an argument or something. My dad used to always drum into me not to treat nature lightly if we were out hiking in the mountains, rainforests or out at sea.

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"Still no report on what happened to the boyfriend she was walking with?? Was he abducted by aliens?"

Do a Google search. There's an interview you can watch.

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Yeah, neverknow2, he's got both video and newspaper interviews since the crash.

Basically, he says he was hiking on ahead of her "about 100 yards" and when he got to an intersection in the path he stopped to wait for her, but she never showed. Not much of a boyfriend if he's a football-field away when they were supposed to be hiking "together", but oh well.

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Interesting that the initial calls were being misrouted. I think the owner of that cell tower she was using is going to face litigation. A cellphone call to 911 in the U.S. should ALWAYS go to the emergency response center nearest the cell tower. Why it was being routed to the normal "land-line" is unfathomable.

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That is one chump of a boyfriend. Hope my daughter never ends up with a looser like that.

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