Japanese hope Kishida shows better leadership through pandemic


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"Leadership," not much hope for that. Puppets don't lead. They do what they are told and say what they are told to say.

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During pandemic at least Kono is responsible to distribute vaccine all over Japan.

So what this person does for Japan during pandemic?

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Same title as the last time, different name.

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Shows better hope through pandemic

What kind of title is this?

What? All 1 day of his posting as the leader and he is better? It's just the same person with a different hat. How easily people are hoodwinked.

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And the new Prime Minister is Shinzo Abe’s clone…a new puppet for the LDP. What a disgrace!

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"After you become prime minister, please work on anti-virus measures, such as pushing forward the vaccination drive," one Twitter user said.

After you become PM???!!! How about IF you become PM.

You get the government you deserve.

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The policies of the previous 2 PMs were dictated by Nippon Kaigi, and so will this one's as well. Better Leadership? I'm not holding my breath

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Japan seems same as before whoever became a Prime Minister. Kishida is a puppet of LDP and would be controlled by Abe and Aso.

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Japanese hope Kishida shows better leadership through pandemic

Sorry not going to happen Kishida is no better than Suga, and with LDP's history of oust and replace PM's it is just a rinse and repeat of past LDP blunders Japanese people would be rolling the dice on voting in such an unstable Party.

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Japanese expect new curry flavor for winter, new pokemons and new AKB songs, nothing else matters

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I'm repeating myself and stating the obvious but the back-to-back coverage of the LDP's internal affairs along with the uncritical assumption that they will win enough seats to form the next government, as if other parties didn't exist, feels dystopian.

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Japanese hope Kishida shows better leadership through pandemic

"Leadership". We used to hear this in Europe 40 years ago, and it came from the Eastern Bloc countries. Like Japan now, there has always been one-party rule. Officially, there were countless political parties, but they were usually linked in some way to the ruling party.

while Kanta Hironaka, 40, said, "I don't see Japan reforming under the politics of the LDP."

Yesterday we had a discussion on this topic in the extended family. The over 60+ view is that reform is not needed and possibly what kind of reform?

It really seems to me that Japan wishes to stay somewhere in the 50-60s with the nostalgic atmosphere of the 30s or even earlier, but with 21st century conveniences.

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Nothing will change, they're all puppets of the LDP and the dinosaurs controlling it

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he's just a yes man that's not leadership. let's see how long that lasts

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while Kanta Hironaka, 40, said, "I don't see Japan reforming under the politics of the LDP."

Kanta is the only one that seems to have a realistic view of things.

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Japanese hope

they'll be waiting forever

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Heh, I suppose hope is all they've got.

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of course it will.......



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