Japanese man climbs all world's tallest peaks


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Congrats to this man and his amazing achievement.

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Conratulations to him - heck of an achievement.

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Phew. Ive seen some footage of Imoto san climbing mount everest. That looked insane. And he climbed 14 of those. friggin amazing.

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Amazing feat. I take my hat off to this guy.

He's up there with my favorite Japanese adventurer - the 70-something man who sailed single-handedly around the world.

I'd be humbled to be in the presence of both men.

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pretty inspiring stuff :) ... much better than reading about family murder-suicides.. more of this stuff please JT.

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I have a friend like this, at least I hope he is still alive. The danger is always present and nature does not care how good you are.

Anyway, hats off to this guy. I've said it before but the Japanese mountaineers I've met are as tough as nails (I mean "really tough"). I'd climb with them anytime.

@jessebaybay You said it.

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That is a fantastic feat! Mr. Takeuchi is a superman!

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Mount Everest grows at about 1/2 of an inch per year. So each person that climbs Everest actually surpasses the previous yearly record by around 1/2. ;)

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In 2007 the mountain (Mount Gashabrum) blew him away-Almost! Congratulations on having courage and determination to come back and reach your goals.

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Some nice news in this crappy rainy weather! Thanks JT!

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very good accomplishment but im sure there are more than 30 people who climbed all of them

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