Japanese man injured while snorkeling in Oahu dies


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It's quite difficult to say anything besides RIP, given that there are next to no details. Given his age it sounds like a heart attack or something else natural, but it talks about 'being injured'.

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Being injured while snorkeling... Could be from a boat, a jet ski or something similar since there's a marina close by. Poor guy, rest in peace.

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The Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy today and determined Kazuo Takino, of Osaka, Japan, died of accidental drowning.

It says he was taken to hospital in 'critical condition' but there's no mention of any injury. Maybe something got lost in translation.

73 years old, presumably doing something he enjoyed.....RIP, Mr. Takino.

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I'm just wondering why anyone would be snorkeling where there are boats coming and going. Maybe he didn't realize how dangerous that place would be for someone under water.

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He died after nearly drowning? Thre is something drastically wrong with this statement.

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Thanks for the information Cleo.

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Isn't that right in Kaneohe Bay? There's the bluff where Kama'aina Kids rents kayaks, then slightly north is the boat launch area. The water near shore can be super murky, lots of variations with the tide, and has lots of small amoeba-like coral mounds. The coastline tends to be very convoluted and not normally used for snorkeling, as far as I know. Quite a lot of variety in this area, but I'm not used to seeing snorkelers around the He'eia boat launch/pier. Need more details on this story.

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Waiting for more details for now...

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at least he went while enjoying himself

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" Isn't that right in Kaneohe Bay?"

No, Kaneohe is leeward.

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Wha? Kaneohe is just down the road, on windward side.

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My bad, Kaneohe is windward. Must be the Kona Fire Rock on the brain. Da oops!

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Anyway, poor old guys goes all the way from Osaka to Hawaii and ends up dieing, very sad indeed. I know many accidents can happen but I also hope there was no foul play involved. RIP old Osaka dude, Aloha!

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I never knew there was much snorkeling in Kaneohe. Oahu on a whole is not much for snorkeling

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Hanauma is ok, but crowded. The outlet vents of the powerstation over next to Kahe Point before Waianae is quite good, but gets very choppy out there. Take a vest - almost half drowned myself out there.

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The outlet vents. Powerstation? Quite good?

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The tragic day of this event I was there.

My family and I went on a snorkeling boat trip with my for our last day in Hawaii. On this day and had the privilege of meeting Mr. Kazuo Takino. The trip was with a large group with people from Korea and Japan as well as the Main land. I had the privilege of playing volleyball with him not knowing his language or his family but for a moment I shared one of his last smiles with him. He was having fun with the kids and other adults including me. He served the volleyball and had a smile from ear to ear. After playing volleyball we all loaded up on the boat and ate lunch and I spoke a little with Mr. Kazuo Takino. We then proceeded onto our snorkeling destination along the way we all viewed turtles from the boat. We anchored off on the reef and unloaded and once again I got to witness Mr. Kazuo Takino smile as he got into the water swimming with his family. We were all snorkeling in a well marked area. I then I proceeded to snorkel with my family. Having son hold onto my arm as we looked at fish in the reef. Moments later it was unknown to me but i soon discovered Mr.Kazuo Takinostill was pulled out of the water. He didn't make it back as the boat captain and his staff tried to administer CPR. This was a great tragedy. The old man from Japan as far as I know passed away with a smile on his face enjoying his last moments. My thoughts and prayers go out to this man and his family.


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Thank you for the update, Sean.

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Thank you for the update, Sean.

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What was the cause of the tragedy?

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