Japanese man testifies in Thai court over surrogate babies


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The lawyer said his client wanted to have dozens of babies because he desired for a large family and hopes for them to inherit his fortune in the future.

Inquiring minds want to much?

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'he desired for a large family and hopes for them to inherit his fortune in the future.'

What fortune?

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I remember this story. This guy is the son of the founder of Hikari Tsushin a telecoms company. His father Yatsumitsu Shigeta is one of the richest businessmen in Japan. Apparently Dad threatened legal action hence this story died in Japan quickly at the time.

Old link I found, but I remember a lot of stories about this in SE Asian news.

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The Japanese guy is mentally ill and I feel bad for his poor kids. They are going to grow up with major issues. Very unethical.

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So the women were cool to break the law, take the money, spread their legs, but once they found out about each other and his wealth, now they all want keep their kids to hopefully score a windfall.

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@Yuko Maeda - you have clearly misread and misunderstood the information given in the article. The women are not suing the man, some of the women and the man are together suing the Thai ministry.

Try again.

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I remember this case: it's the usual story of a spoilt child being indulged by his rich father. If the son ever gets to inherit the business you can be sure it will go down the toilet in record time.

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