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Japanese manga artist Mizuki dies at 93


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RIP and thx for "GeGeGe No Kitaro"

Shigeru Mizuki, yokaï's expert

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RIP, a true legend.

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I am not a native Japanese, but, R.I.P., Mr. Shigeru Mizuki.

93 - is a fine age. Protect your grandparents, - they are a unique gold of your present life. ...my grandmother(s) and grandfather(s) (by one line, first) died when I was 15!

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Shigeru Mizuki was actually born before the legendary Osamu Tezuka, believe it or not.

He is a man that truly almost fits the American beer commercial tagline The Most Interesting Man in the World perfectly. Not only did he create GeGeGe no Kitaro (which effectively revived Japanese interest in youkai, or folk creatures), but he's one the few Japanese World War II veterans willing to talk about his wartime experiences as a soldier (several manga creations from him specifically broach this subject).

Enormously well-liked and respected by many fans in Japan, we also know that Mizuki-san took great pride in his childhood home of Sakaiminato and was often seen for many years greeting visitors to that small city.

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I remember meeting him - and amusing him by knowing about Kitaro. RIP.

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