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Japanese media call on U.S. to review visa changes for journalists


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Folks have to realize this is just another of Trump's plans for shutting Merica' off from the rest of the world.

First 240 days, with extension, then no extension, then 90 days, then nothing. Dont say you went warned.

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That's the Japanese association's take on it. Have you heard a peep from China? They stand to lose a lot more, now that he's targeting Chinese university students. That hurts China. A lot.

Do it for the love of your own country.

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This move is shortsighted in the extreme, just one more malicious, incompetent stunt by Trump and his right wing crazies to put a thumb in the eye of longstanding US allies. Chinese journalists have already been squeezed in the US by having to register as government entities, which Japanese journalists are not required to do. This move is pointless, unless you think there's suddenly a dire need to restrict international reporting on the US by all countries, including free, democratic ones.

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What do trump, erdogan, putin, Kim jongun have in common, they hate the free press.

This is a stupid, shortsighted move which will have impact on US journalists in other countries too.

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I can see such measures applied to Chinese and Russian "journalists" but why do this to journalists from Europe, Japan and other friendly democratic states?

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Good luck in understanding anything that Dictator Trumps does...

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I am not surprised.

Why not use local journalists who are fluent in Japanese ?

More jobs to the locals.

You don't send journalists to play a student to learn customs.

A trip for 3 months is enough to get your interviews or local study done.

Fed up with some specific jobs with privileges.

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It isn't reduced enough. It would be better to deny access altogether. Many other more noteworthy interests would be better served with such long gratis visas.

Hypocrisy of nationalism is like prostitution. Hypocrisy of nationalism between international countries is worse.

While living in England I realized how popular the daily tabloids were and how much they relied on America and American headlines for there popularity and sales. Having family there I realized how over time these wildly absurd fabricated articles have a tendency to creep into a mainstream narrative.

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USA is in the early stages of Civil War. Freedom of press must be suppressed.

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If the White House returns to sanity, then the rules for journalists will also return to sanity. Here's hoping.

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YubaruToday  07:41 am JST

Folks have to realize this is just another of Trump's plans for shutting Merica' off from the rest of the world.

I rarely if ever agree with Yubaru but in this instance I believe he is correct. This is part of the "anti-immigrant anti-foreigner, anti-rest of the world approach by Trump. In 2017 he appointed Cissna as Director of USCIS, and Japanese restaurants in NYC became unable to obtain working visas for Japanese sushi chefs. Cissna is known to be an "immigrant hater" and USCIS has done everything possible to stop immigration into the US. from everywhere.

This is a prime example of the Trump policy of being unable to differentiate between allies and adversaries. Which causes problems like this article at best, and wrecks our strategic defense posture (NATO) at worst.

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With the japanese kisha club system, only one "journalist" per country would be enough.

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