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Japanese media raise AI copyright concerns


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Just face it, human have been replaced. Best thing to do is live on a beach, go fishing and grow fresh vegetables and fruit. Have a few egg laying chickens.

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implement legal measures to counteract the potential negative effects of AI,

More law? So in the future if someone posted material from generative AI can be put in jail for copyright infringement in Japan?

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hinder news organizations from producing quality content.

The unself-aware , unintentional comedy, from Kyodo and the Japanese media at large on this issue gave me a slight chuckle.

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AI is the ultimate nerd revenge that became a reality. Good luck everyone.

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Why don't people adapt to using these new AI systems in a good way? Hinder? No. If anything, improve.

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An association run by Japanese mass media on Wednesday warned against recent developments in artificial intelligence, noting that it may lead to the unauthorized use of copyrighted work and hinder news organizations from producing quality content.

Stopped reading right there. Nonsense.

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All media organizations, but not only, (reddit like for instance) around the world are not only raising concern, they are now blocking bots from AI organizations to suck all existing content for free.

In fact, any content which are not free to use are getting closed because AI will not mention the source of information it creates nor care about personal/confidential data.

Paradigm about media transforming abruptly going on, with hundreds of billions dollars to change hands potentially.

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Media organizations hold copyrights and other legal rights to its articles, photographs and videos, but concerns have been raised over the unauthorized use of the works, the association wrote.

Have they ever heard of these two features that have been around for a long time?

Ctrl+C, also right-click + save picture as

Good luck trying to implement "legal measures" and allowing the AI to have access to less information. Some countries that don't give a damn about copyright infringement, embraces plagiarism, and holds no accountability for intellectual property theft can just swoop in and create a limitless AI far more capable (ahem China).

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