Japanese monks karate chop, chant in funeral contest


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It's an appalling business, where the purpose is to shaft a vulnerable grieving family of as much money as they can in a short time. Anything that stops these funeral companies getting rich from guilting people is a good thing.

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Karate chops? Funeral contest?

Is there a Funereal Karate Choppist award?

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Fudge this. Most people just want to have an affordable funeral service for their loved ones. I'd rather see people not resort to dumping their dearly departed ones than these ridiculous novelty acts.

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These monks are extremely rich. They are sponging off of people's honest beliefs. It really should stop

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These monks are extremely rich.

Not necessarily. Many of them have to take second jobs because monking doesn't cover their living expenses. I used to know a programmer who was also a monk, and he said that was quite common these days.

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“Priests often meet people for the first time after their death,”


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shinobi - karaoke

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