Japanese 'Moonies' set themselves on fire in S Korea


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There's a good reason the root of the word "lunatic" is luna.

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Moon saw his role as completing the unfulfilled mission of Jesus to restore humanity to a state of “sinless” purity.

I don't recall any tales of Jesus and paint thinner, and I don't recall Rev Moon being known for recommending that devotees light themselve on fire, so I wonder how this all got started.

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The Unification Church is one of the greatest criminal hoaxes perpetrated in modern times. Moon was the consumate charlatan and archtypical brainwashing cult leader. He married a 16 year old girl and had 16 children because he had a vision that Christ told him to create the purest of families. What a joke.

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shinhiyataAug. 23, 2013 - 08:13AM JST

Sounds like a genius to me!

We had neighbours in that cult, they had 4 kids or so, seemed to be nice people. No unusual pyrotechnic displays, but the husband was / is a chemist.

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Sinless purity? Who the hell wants that? I like sex and booze too much for that.

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