Japanese mother, 3 children die in house fire in Australia


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OMG. This is heartbreaking. The line about the bathtub. I told my wife and kids, if they ever get caught upstairs on the second floor and it seems hopeless, to just go for it and jump. They might break a leg but they'd still be alive.

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Very heartbreaking. I've been involved in this type of situation and on top of the loss of family members you also feel the guilt of thinking you could have done more. A tough situation and my condolences to out to this man.

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Good god. What a horrific experience from both perspectives. I hope he gets mental health treatment following his recovery.

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In due course of time the facts will surely come out. Until then, one of the lines of enquiry will surely be whether family separation was the catalyst for their evisceration.

Another thing; photos suggest it was another one of those cookie cutter subdivision jobs which, as a result of the country’s pursuit of Big Australia, has steadily supplanted the once common detached dwelling style.

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awomdeToday  11:43 am JST

Speculation in Australia is that the Daddy was doing some cooking in the house .... not food cooking either but using the Walter White cookbook

Given that four persons have died, repeating such speculation without evidence does no-one any favours, especially you.

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RIP Ms Okada and your beautiful daughters.

At this stage of the investigation the police have only said that Mr Kikuchi (who is recovering in hospital) had possession of some flammable liquids in his garage and that they were identified as connected with part of a legitimate business.

He does have more than one restaurant in Melbourne.

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@Speed - and anybody

Yes, jump, IF YOU CAN! I entered a house fire on my way home one night in Fuchu, Tokyo way back.

Above a linen shop.

my clothes melted on my body climbing the stairwell and I went back

climbed upto the kitchen first/second floor balcony with a purloined laddrer when the gas blew the kitchen windows out,

leapt, fell to the parking lot - no major new injuries beyond those initial burns and smoke inhalation...

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