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Japanese mountaineer dies, another injured while climbing mountain in Pakistan


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He said the purpose of the expedition was to summit a never-before scaled peak in the Andaq Valley in the country’s north

well, maybe there’s a reason it’s never been done?

it’s like going to the depths of the ocean. Some things are just not meant for humans to do.

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At least he died doing what he loved.

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This is what happens when people with the money can go on tours like this. Nature needs to be respected.

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I think this is Shinji Tamura who was a professional Himalayan guide. He is quite famous and has been on TV. He climbed Everest 4 times, Manaslu 4 times and Chooyu 3 times. He also successfully climbed K2 among a host of others. In other words a very experienced mountaineer. This is a huge loss for the climbing community.

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5,380 meters! Damn that's high!


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So long as countries like Pakistan and Nepal to name two make money from giving climbing licenses and providing tour operators, guides etc mountaineering will go ahead.

Not my interest and the Everest situation is out of control with climbers banked up on the slopes, more people means more danger for the local guides there as too many amateurs having accidents who then put the sherpas at risk to rescue them. Not to mention the moral dilemma of passing injured and dying climbers, not a simple question as the self-righteous claim.

Climbers who stop for those who shouldn't have been on the mountain in the first place or were just unlucky according to Darwin's Law, place themselves and their team at risk of not summiting while there is enough time and there are minimal conditions needed to descend safely for everyone including the sherpas.

I respect people like the Italian Daniel Nardi who died trying to ascend Nanga Parbat by the Mummery Spur along with Tom Ballard whose mother lost her life climbing. He and Tom knew and accepted the risks and were attempting it without endangering others.

RIP good men.

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I can't actually find the name of the peak anywhere. 

There are at least a dozen mountains in Pakistan matching this description. "Virgin peak" is just a phrase used to describe an unclimbed mountain. Seems whoever translated this got confused and thought it was the mountain's name.

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""Pakistani authorities said Saturday they were investigating the death of a Pakistani porter near the peak of K2, the world’s most treacherous mountain.""

RIP, I also watched a report on You Tube where some famous climbers where actually stepping on the lifeless body of the Pakistani reporter as they were trying to reach the goal and ern their medals, how Sick and Sad.

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"Tamura said he was rescued from the base camp by a helicopter and later arrived at Skardu,..."

"Shinji Tamura slipped and fell at an altitude of 5,380 meters while trying to ascend the mountain Friday, Haidri told The Associated Press."

Which is it for the Japanese mountaineer Tamura...was he rescued or is he dead?

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My condolences to the fallen mountaineer.

Having said that, mountain climbers must avoid Pakistan-Chinese border mountains unless they are professional climbers with tons of experiences, because Pakistan routes are much less developed than Nepal routes with an airport 62 km away from the base of Everest and a network of professional porters, restaurants and hotels along the way and you can even get massages to relax your body each night. Heck, there are tours to get non-climbing tourists to the base of Everest to take pictures, etc so the physical demand to the climbers in Nepal is much lower than say K2.

Furthermore, Nepal route is secure and safe, while the Pakistan route is full of Taliban and ISIS insurgents.

So the K2 and the fellow Pakistani mountains should be the last peaks that seasoned professional climbers even attempt.

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