Japanese nationalists return after sailing near disputed islands


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Must be the heat. Absolute head cases.

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welcome and get back to work as obon holidays are also over.

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Perhaps this a naive question, but instead of these right-wing groups, how about if the islands were "settled" by some typical Japanese?

A group of retirees who could camp and be supported there by whoever?

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"Japanese nationalists return after sailing near disputed islands "

Ok, .....after some rest, onward to the disputed Kuril and Sakhalin Islands to prove your complete national ambitions!

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“We want to show these islands are under Japanese control,”

Yup, that'll show 'em!

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I must say that it was a symbolic thing that they did and why would people try to make fun of Japanese protecting their own? China disputes everything and so they are never trusted. My personal feeling is that Japan should protect what is rightfully theirs and China has no dispute as the emperor of China has long been dead. There is nothing to dispute. Japan bought the island from a private owner, perhaps I should buy it from Japan and be a private owner. I never fault a person or country for protecting what is theirs. China is trying to grab what is not theirs because they think there are precious resources there. Sometimes I just wish the idiot leaders of the world would grow up and stop acting like children. Greed corrupts all who look upon the idolatry of money. But this is greed for power. In some things I respect Abe but in other things I do not agree. Sometimes I think the Japanese are too fearful. I would have landed the boat and ran on the island.

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If two children bicker over a toy, you take the toy away from them. The same should apply here. People want to bicker over a few islands, make the islands their own country. Problem solved.

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"By buying the islands, Noda had intended to prevent friction from heightening with Beijing and Taipei by thwarting a rival bid from a nationalist politician."

Finally a western news source states the truth. All others have simply repeated the lie that the Chinese riots were caused by Japan "nationalizing" the islands. As if hey didn't belong to Japanese citizens in the first place. Note that this nationalist group were stopped and sent back by he Japan Coast Guard, just as Chinese or Taiwanese nationalists would have been.

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I sometimes use reverse psychology by acting as if these islands never existed.

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A pointless expedition ....

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I'm planning to grab 2 300HP Outboards and see whats moving there. I've got a low profile 9mts. motor cruiser. only one person is going with me, in november

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That incident triggered a wave of protests across China ....

Why it does not trigger a wave of protest in Japan? Why japanese people let these idiot right-wingists destroying japanese image?

I just do not understand.

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I wish I had been in Japan as although I do not have the honor of being Japanese, I would have willingly gone with them to show my support

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Albert Einstein: "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."

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AriesKJJAug. 19, 2013 - 06:16AM JST Albert Einstein: "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."

Agreed. Unfortunately China (as well as South Korea) allow it to run their politics and foreign relations.

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Why come back? If they set up a permanent home there, it would bolster Japan's claims while at the same time relieve us from their absurdity here on the mainland.

Hopefully, next time the JCG will sink their boat next time they get close, so they can swim to shore and start living on that island paradise!

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They might be fanatic nationalists but at least they have the guts to fight for what they believe in. Most people in front of abuses will just shy away and hope it goes away. This is the kind of behavior that lets government run over civil liberties until it's too late. Well done to them.

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The mere fact that the Chinese gave orders for their "Coast Guard Vessels" to stay in Japanese waters for 24 hours, is all one needs to know. The Chinese freaked out when they heard that Japan was looking into more offensive weaponry, and view the recent launch of a new Warship that can also double as an emergency platform for evacuations if need be. Is creating instability what China accuses as an issue in the region. The purchase of that tub they bought from Russia, and let’s face it, it must be less than state of the art, and Russians do give anything away, was an ok purchase for them and went without any outcries! Yea as if those resource hungry eaters of anything worthwhile in the region aren’t enough of an example. They have pushed the Vietnam, and the Philippines buttons, and now, perhaps in some sort of desperation, a few people of whom perhaps have had enough of those thugs, made a brief statement. And why not, the Chinese and Koreans have do so and showed their flag, it is time the Japanese grew a pair! They are not Chinese whipping boys, and do not have to follow mandates from Peiking.

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