Japanese peacekeepers arrive in South Sudan with new mandate


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Stay safe, but don't take any cr@p

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Godspeed and stay safe!

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“It’s not as if Japan has unleashed its military,” she said. “It is simply allowing them to use their weapons to protect civilians, to be proper peacekeepers.”

this is it! Stay safe folks.

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How does the old adage go? Give them an inch? What a bizarre world we inhabit where peace is actually kept through use of force. Strange!! I look forward to the role being constantly revised over the years. Give them an inch..

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I don't like this. I don't like this one bit. Bring them back home and lets mind our own borders. Its not like we don't have enough trouble in the South China Sea.

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I have a bad feeling about this ...

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It seems that Abe regime would be ended if some SDF members were killed during combat, because government said in public SDF minister never put them in war zone and they are supposed to work in safe area.

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Japan’s constitution, drafted under U.S. direction after the war, forbids the use of force in settling international disputes but >>the government has reinterpreted the constitution to allow Japanese troops to use force in some situations.

Dear Japan, I will always be shocked to read that a written constitution can be "reinterpreted", after decades, to a total different meaning just by the vote of a political party....this is so wrong.

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Good luck to them and hopefully they won't have to make use of any force

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Sitting ducks.

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Peace loving Japan is making its valuable contribution for the maintenance of peace in the conflict zone by deploying its SDF in Sudan. Welcome initiative.

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As a Japanese I am so proud of our SDF. Shokun Ganbatte kudasai

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Why didn't the U.S. armed forces wear the blue helment or the blue berets to shoulder their duty whom they owed to the United Nations and the world? It is a very sick thing to seek contributions but countries who have their own difficulties, like Japan's the legal one.

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Elephant200, then youd criticize the US for interfering. Let other countries take the crap fir a change.

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Now they can reinforce the protection around the natural resources illegally occupied by the US. America vows to retreat its troops but send the underdogs.

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Abe is looking for a fight out there in South Sudan so there he goes has a better argument back at the japanese parliament to look for a fight elsewhere, maybe the south China sea. That's why these 'members' were sent there!

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how many of them will be killed before it's decided that it was a stupid idea to let dictator abe send innocent young people into an area filled with terrorists that would like nothing more than to kill infidels.

this is a disaster

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****James Burke south Sudan is not a terrorised country for your information... if you really know what terrorism is then talk of places like somalia and Libya...

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