Japanese 'pear fairy' Funassyi plots world domination


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I still only charge about 1,000 pears an hour.

At Japanese fruit prices, that is pretty expensive!

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“I have tremendous respect for Kumamon as my senior,” said Funassyi, a sunflower bobbing up and down on its head. “But he got on my nerves that night so I slapped him. We’re friends again now.”

For this unity, I am going to wear my Funasshi sweatshirt with Kumamon sweatpants today. They're available in big sizes folks so get out there and support haha

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I despise this character.

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I'd pay a thousand bucks to slug this thing.

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Sounds like the plot of the "Black Mirror" episode: "The Waldo Moment"

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AFP: Funassyi, who adds the suffix “-nasshi”—from the Japanese word for pear—to the end of each sentence ...

That could really irritating. Lay bets on Funassyi surviving through the year, with no assassination attempts?

I advise he/she avoid the Republic of Korea.

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This constant infantilisation is truly depressing. And the worst thing is they think this babyish immaturity is causing the rest of the world to laugh with Japan, when actually they are laughing at Japan.

Why won't people grow up?

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Good crazy fun-nasshi. No harm done. Power To The Pear.

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its like a super hyperactive energizer bunny on speed

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Dear Harrald better to laugh WITH Japan than to cry with so many other dictatorships.

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@MissingCylonModel. Ha, ha that's true.

I really loathe these mascots. Childish and infantile, what a reflection that is on Japanese society.

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