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Japanese pension data entry outsourced to Chinese firm


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Inc. Comp. Pittance.

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Probably happens in all departments. Feel sorry for pensioners with dementia who probably didn’t notice the wrong amount.

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I wonder how this guy from Say Kikaku is connected to either Abe or the government in some way. This sounds fishy that he won a contract but didn't have the workers to be able to do the job, and had to promise to hire a large number to satisfy the gov'ts request. Then he opted for the cheap and easy route, outsource to China, forgetting or not caring that so much personal data was being disseminated.

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Japan Pension Service chief Toichiro Mizushima told a parliamentary committee Tuesday that the Chinese firm entered the names of pension recipients' dependent family members and he had confirmed there was "no risk of personal data leak."

"No risk"? You illegally outsourced work, right there is the "risk", there is no way you can be 100% sure no data was leaked FURTHER!

Incompetent fools!

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Saved the Chinese hackers some time and effort.

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In November last year, the government issued an ordinance to permit the Japan Pension Service to share data online through the My Number scheme with municipal governments from March.

Your very own people can follow the law, and you feel safe enough to spread all our personal information online between government agencies?

This is even scarier than the sub-contractor leak, hackers are going to be attracted to this like bees to honey!

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Small problem compared to the Facebook/CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA scandal. Right guys?

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Just another reason I don't want to be extorted into paying this scam.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Are you kidding?!

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What were they thinking?

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Thank god they had really thought through this my number thing and put in place a system that protects personal information, bundled together for sending to foreign governments. Just wish more old men were making decisions about my future.

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When I went to my local public pension office for consultation, I was surprised when it turned out to be a private contractor, and not the government. The place was very chaotic and inefficient.

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Instead of pretending to be capable of securing the personal financial information of their citizens, the Japanese government is just handing it over.

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Much more this government needs private information from citizens as the My Number social security and tax number scheme. More and more information will be leaking out. Why don't to they manage the ways to save privacy in hard-disks? Well, I do for my private matters.

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I lost my My number and have no idea how to get a new one. Also don’t understand what it is. So basically anyone could do anything with it.

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As processing of part of personal data work of around 5 million pensioners ,has been assigned by Say Kikaku to a foreign company , in violation of contract , its contract must be cancelled by Japan Pension Service , without any delay , the company must be sued for violation of the contract and penalties must be imposed as per terms of the contract.

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Penalties for a company that has close links to the government and needed 800 extra staff hired 100 and outsourced their work to a Chinese company, don't think there will be any penalties except a name change. Perhaps a deep bow is enough.

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This story is going to push all the right buttons . Pensions not adequately paid, Chinese data firm. Like there’s so much love to be lost already between the government outsourcing beaurocracy in charge of taking care of the oldest demographic in the world, and the shady business practices of their biggest threat and rival , China. Heads are gunna roll. Many bows there will be , and quite the uproar.

Cutting costs and corners, you’re doing it wrong.

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The Japan Pension Service was originally scheduled to start using My Number identification data in January 2016 but the plan was suspended following a massive personal data leak from the organization due to cyberattacks in May 2015.

Just helped a relative out in his 60's fill out the crazy long pension forms. MyNumber was required on the forms, and these forms were not brand new at all.

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Japan must keep personal data of pensioners in secure hands as such data has security implications and can be used to influence the voters at the time of elections to destabilize the government of PM Shinzo Abe in Japan.

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It's illegal and stupid, yet it still happened. I have zero confidence in Japanese bureaucracy.

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Jesus H Bollocks, this is beyond incompetent.

I always maintained a healthy scepticism with regard to the security of this fistula of bureaucracy.

They said, "Why don't you trust? Why do you hate Japan?"

I said, "I don't hate Japan. I love Japan. I chose to make Japan my home. And when things make Japan weaker, I resist them".

And look - what a surprise. The Chinese didn't even need to hack our bank details. The Japan Pension Service sold them to the lowest bidder.

I hope to have my fears allayed by a man in his late fifties and a cheap suit bowing very deeply very soon, and vowing to make sincere efforts to never repeat such an outrage, at least until he is working elsewhere.

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Never knew Japanese government was run by such imbeciles. It's like the US government asking Iran to manage its pension system. Get rid of all involved in making and allowing this stupid decision.

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My first thought is “identify theft”, then I wonder how GOJ’s oversight community allowed this to happen. This is a massive insult to all those pensioners who placed the trust in their individual worksite employers - civilian or government !

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How about reforming the pension system so that we the people are in charge of our own futures?

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Never knew Japanese government was run by such imbeciles.

Central planning often produces results that lead to such an impression.

People need to take responsibility for themselves, that which is most important to them more than it could be to anyone else. It’s pretty silly to imagine that some bunch of unknown people would do as good for you as you could do for yourself.

I have never heard of someone who thought, “I am clueless, so better that I leave my destiny in someone else’s hands”

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I am sure they still use MS Excel for this..like for everything else.. Without it Japanese bureaucracy will not survive.

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