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Tottori Prefecture bans searchlights and lasers to ensure views of starry nights


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Light pollution is a problem all over the place.

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Especially in Kanto...

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Good for them banning it. I lived in an area where movie theateres had giant spotlights shining 1/2 the night.

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It's been a while since I last saw the milkyway. I guess you need to really go to the countryside to be able to see it. Any other good places except Tottori?

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It's tough to find dark sky in Japan. I don't know of any.

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Any other good places except Tottori?

Okinawa. Mt Aso...

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I understand that green laser pointers are sometimes used by people teaching amateur astronomy in order to help people know which specific stars they're talking about. It would be a shame if the ordinance meant to protect the night sky also prohibited people from effectively learning about it.

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Any other good places except Tottori?

Quite a few places but you'd most likely need a car to reach these locations.

You can find them using the link below. It tells you where there's more or less light pollution.


It's a really good move by Tottori prefecture. Those lights pointing the sky are totally unnecessary and add to light pollution. Tho saying that you can see the Milky Way from anywhere in the prefecture is a bit of a stretch. Unless there are absolutely no cities in the area, that can't be possible.

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I guess Batman won't be coming to the rescue in Tottori.

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plastic in the sea is rampant in Tottori, nothing happens. shining a few lights is so serious? probably they are from temples or pachinko...

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Better cancel my trip to Catch the Star Tottori. Walks away while putting laser back in pocket.

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Great map Garthgoyle! I wonder if anyone in this campaign knows that Shimane next door to Tottori is darker. They might have to go back to pushing the sand dunes to get the tourists in.

On public transport, the easiest dark places to go to on Garthgoyle's map might by Norikura-dake, the Norikura with the Skyline road up it, and Ontake, both big mountains near the Gifu/Nagano border. For many places in inaka, "darker than Tokyo" is probably enough to impress the average tourist though.

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