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Japanese pub aims to clean up with disinfectant spray machine

By Jack Tarrant

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One thing is the chemicals, but I am more concerned about humans becoming too clean. In the end we won’t be able to tolerate anything sigh

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"First of all, I wouldn't have my eyes open like the guy in the photo while being sprayed with this stuff."

It's used in eye care treatment, because it destroys foreign bacterial/viral load without affecting the natural bacteria species of the eye.

Second, except for the hands being sanitized what good does it do to spray the entire body? If you have the virus and are breathing in an enclosed space with other people, mask or no mask, others might become infected."

It's disinfecting viral particles from your clothing and other parts of your body that you may not know you are carrying/shedding.

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Some people have a romantic notion of life before Covid, but that won't help business owners facing ruin now. They have to find a somehow acceptable answer for their main customer base, requiring some sacrifices all round. We can refine the details later. Kudos I say!

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Any acid weak enough for somebody to stand in it, looking up into the mist with their eyes open for 30 seconds... isn't going to be strong enough to do anything to any surface viruses, bacteria, or anything else that might be on the person's body.

Never mind it doesn't do a thing about the viruses *inside** the body.*

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This will have no effect on the viruses being coughed out or breathed out.

And considering this virus dies rapidly in a warm humid environment, a suspect a regular heating lamp might be just as effective at inactivating any virus on the surface.

I won't be going to any of these pubs...

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What happened to the original, cool atmosphere, with nice and friendly people fully packed izakayas, which represent Japans heart and lifestyle?

I really hope that my 2 favorite izakayas in my area will never install a stupid thing like that.

Otherwise the real Izakaya lovers will never return.

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There are so many contraindications here I do not know where to begin. Also, if a person has the virus it’s internal, or are they following Trump and expect punters to drink it too.

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Yeah, so, ummm... No, thank you. I'll take my business elsewhere, or more likely, just stay home like I've done since this whole mess began.

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Wobot, it’s 30 seconds. No-one says you have to breathe it in. (The virions in the nose and throat will not like it.)

The idea will Probably catch on in the airline industry I am guessing. People will be forced try everything (almost) to regain the public’s trust.

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Is this safe?

Clearly not. Useless if someone's asymptomatic.

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It's also heartwarming to see communities rally round local izakaya and small eateries, as they try to fight off closure.

Please think of the local restaurants/bars/eateries when you go out. The multinationals will survive, but the little places (some run for generations) might not.

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A great idea for all the struggling small family and independent businesses out there who are really feeling the pinch.

Not everyone has the ideal job that can mean telework from home. Some have to get out there and try and keep their livelihoods going, whilst reassuring their customers at the same time. Not an easy balancing act.

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No way

people are seriously taking things too far. If this is the “new lifestyle”, I’d rather be a friendless hermit thank you. You can find me hikikomori.

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For real, have chemicals sprayed all over your body so you can enter a pub to drink and eat oily food. Yeah, that is real cool. No thanks, I would rather stay at home and drink on my balcony (if I drank), no chemicals

Exactly. All this palava just to be able to drink in public.

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One word. Asymptomatic.

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How many people swim in a pool with no chemicals added to the water?

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Been carrying a mini spray bottle of this stuff for about two months. My doc assured me it will neutralize viruses, including Noro, which is why they use it in hospitals. Fairly ‘natural’ stuff, in the right dilution it does not seem to have much harmful effect on the human body, (as long as you do not drink it) and is maybe easier on the hands than alcohol, and certainly easier to find. I even spray it lightly on my trusty face masks every so often, much as in the photo above the article.

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First of all, I wouldn't have my eyes open like the guy in the photo while being sprayed with this stuff.

Second, except for the hands being sanitized what good does it do to spray the entire body? If you have the virus and are breathing in an enclosed space with other people, mask or no mask, others might become infected.

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"We wanted to develop a system that is in accordance with the new lifestyle and something that is a high model that could prevent infection,"

accordance with the new lifestyle?

Go to a restaurant/bar to be treated like a germ?

I'll cook, drink, and eat at home, thanks

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Then the moment a customer coughs into their hand, everything they touch can get infected again. Lol.

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So you arrive with your drinking partner, who you've been in close contact with since you met at a station, and then are forced to talk to between a plastic barrier. Common sense is going to take a serious beating during this opening up phase, and not just in Japan.

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Chemicals are not good for you. Skin condition of my hands is getting bad from washing but it is important. But is a step too far.

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I will find it difficult to go eat or drink in a windowless pub or restaurant for now, but that’s just me, may be I’ll have a change of mind after one month

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You know what? Last week i was in a mall... Mac Donald closed their restaurant but you could take out. While... all other restaurants next to 'em WHERE OPEN AND PEOPLE SITTING next to each other eating!


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Amazing! The Japanese government should eye exporting this tech to the worst hit Covid-19 places like the USA, UK and EU, so their bars and pubs will all have this protection as they slowly open up.

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