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Japanese ryokan, eateries use ingenuity in overcoming virus hardships


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Nice if they could also include and provide a stand-by medical service!

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I thought we were supposed to be keeping distant from people.

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However ,most businesses are feeling dire pain due to lack of customers and no amount of gimmicky campaigns can solve that...

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Monthly is limited. So it is not limited. Weird

Good luck

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"I want families and friends to strengthen their ties by staying at our ryokan, which can offer an out-of-the-ordinary experience,"

One of those experiences that literally takes your breath away, right? No thanks. We don't need to put any more strain on the health service.

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Haven’t these people heard of social distancing? A good way to spread the virus.

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Irresponsible idea in the current climate.

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Actually they should be targeting hikikomori instead. This is their chance to come out of their homes without fearing of coming into contact with crowds.

Japanese ryokan and eateries should make arrangements to pick up these people at night when there will minimal people wandering around.

Partition off certain areas at ryokans to practice social distancing so that each hikikomori will have their own private space. Offer one-to-one tours to off-the-beaten-track areas ( ie minimal crowds).

Who knows, after their stay, these hikikomori might just start opening up more to society.

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Restaurants, planes, all businesses should isolate the clients from one other... For example, if you fly in a plane you get a totally isolated space... If you eat in a restaurant, you get a separate isolated place... Not so difficult to do so...

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