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Japanese sake master brewer on BBC's 2020 list of 100 women


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Well done to these 99 women and the billions more represented by the 100th 'Unsung hero', struggling against oft-ridiculous outside pressures, sexism, violence, and negativity from those who have no idea what it's like to live in a world where the default in almost everything is for men.

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Hear, hear, Maria.

It's what's between our ears, not our legs.

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"I was surprised to be selected, but it made me realize that there are people abroad who are interested in Japanese sake," 

Not necessarily, I suspect the sake here is just an example or proxy for a field where sexism is rife or assumed to be rife. This comment is probably an attempt at modesty from the lady, shifting the credit to sake, but this award is about women fighting the odds, not about any particular aspect of Japanese culture.

Sake already sells overseas and several non-Japanese sake sommeliers (a Japanese qualification) have written books about it in foreign languages. It is already clear that there are people abroad who are interested in Japanese sake.

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A list of 100 women? How sexist!

Just like Weinstein and Louis CK

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I don't understand why people attach importance to these kind of list. There are millions of women out there some single and some with lazy, drunk abusive husbands who are far more deserving of being in these kind of lists.

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The question on everyone's minds "Can a person become a UNESCO World Heritage site?"

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Recently I don’t trust the BBC.

love to try her sake though!

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