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Japanese satellites to monitor Fukushima, Chernobyl


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Saw a documentary recently about the wildlife in Chernobyl, specifically how surprisingly well it's doing, considering, and the overall reconquest of nature.

Probably because most animals in the wild only live a few years, there's no increase in debilitation among the region's wolves despite the high background radiation.

Nature is pretty impressive.

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What's the purpose of a bird's eye view when what is more critical is the insides of the damaged nuclear reactors and the extent to which groundwater contamination has taken place. If the government is really seriously concerned it should have investigators pile research pipes circular distances from the nuclear reactor site to determine how bad and how far the water contamination has gone. All other theatrics like using satellites mean nothing except more cover-ups on what is actually happening at ground zero.

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It would be nice if the data went directly to scientists and reporters internationally. If it gets filtered by the Japanese government/TEPCO, all you'll hear is "everything is under control".

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Sounds like they are hyping up the satellites - they can't take radiation readings of Fukushima or Chernobyl from space. Environmental damage? Unless the vegitation starts dying off massively in Fukushima I doubt it will see anything noteworthy.

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Star-viking Agreed. The readings can be done at ground level . This is just ^%#$^#% news,, i am sure there other other uses for that satelite than measuring radioactivity ,, if they are gpoing to do measurements at the ground level , what the use of sending the info up into a satelite and then back to earth ,, sounds stupid to me .

BBQDEMON ; But then everyone could panic and cause stress and we know how terrible stress related diseases are right ;) Smile ,, best solution to radiation .

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Zichi That s correct ,, and it sounds stupid to me , as if there were no other ways to send data from those instruments , but hey if they need to spend that much money to be able to receive reading s from the instruments which are already on the ground ,, who am i to disagree,

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Japanese satellites to monitor Fukushima, Chernobyl and NK and Senkakus

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Seems BS to me. Since I've seen reports that radiation sensors are not properly placed to give true reading. Collecting the reading does seem to mean much. Garbage in = Garbage out.

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