Japanese scientists among Ig Nobel spoof award winners


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And here I clicked on this link thinking that Obokata was going to take the award...

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haha!! me too amidalism. but it was a good read anyways. love the pork strips in the nose trick. who woulda thunk?!?!

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Measuring the coefficient of friction of banana skins and their hazardous properties?

Is this a joke?

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A lot of this reaseach sounds like the stuff funded by the US government with taxpayers money. Remember the study on the question of propper way of pen1s washing? The studyt golfers who imagine that the hole is bigger boost their confidence and accuracy? The study of the effect of Marihuana on chimpanzees? The by on in-campus dining selection? The study if cats always land on their feet? The study if everything tastes like chicken?The list is long and growing. Shouldnt a White House representative not be a candidate too?

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WDF !!!

Other teams earned prizes for studying what happens in the brains of people who see the face of Jesus in their toast

So test subject were all Catholic ?

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