Japanese scientists win Ig Nobel for wasabi alarm


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My favorite was the researcher who got an Ig for confirming it was possible to contract an STD from a latex love-doll.

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actually now im curious what does wasabi smell like, dont think ive ever smelled it heh.

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Back in my waiting days, I went to the walk-in fridge for some pure horseradish (the guest didn't like to mixed sauce); opened the gallon-sized jar and made the bad decision to take a whiff - next thing I knew, I was lying on the fridge floor.

That is potent, potent stuff. My dog likes it, though; tried spreading it on the furniture legs to stop him from chewing when he was a pup, and he just licked it off. Tabasco did the trick - now all I have to do is show him the bottle when I'm displeased and he dives under the bed.

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The award sounds like its for logic that cannot overcome the dumber parts of the mind right away. Now the invention of dynamite? Even the dumbest parts of mind appreciate that instantly unfortunately, and guess what the namesake of the Nobel prize invented.

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This news brings tears to my eyes.

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Brilliant idea, well done may save a lot of lives, you may sleep through the standard sound alarm but the smell of wasabi will definately be a wake up call, it will also be usefull for people with a hearing impairment

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I like both the wasabi and the bladder research!

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the person who could go the longest before his bladder exploded

I hope they don't mean that literally!

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Perhaps they can compare wasabi vs. natto next?

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With a natto alarm, I'd be too busy gagging to run from a fire!

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