Japanese boy drowns during school trip to Australia


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Poor kid! Poor everyone around him!

Maybe irikandji jelly fish - very small, very toxic (

Sort of why no local people go swimming in summer in Cairns.

Also why unfashionable face to toe lycra suits are fashionable.

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inkochi - Maybe irikandji jelly fish - very small, very toxic 

Yeah, except, jellyfish season is January to March, of course.

I was a surf lifesaver in Australia for over twenty years and the majority of people I rescued were Japanese tourists. Most do not have the knowledge and experience to participate in water sports. However, this case is quite unusual. Snorkelers at Green Island are always in groups with 3 or 4 instructors in the water as well. It is actually a very safe place for snorkelling with no currents and clear water. I'm gonna guess he swam off by himself instead of staying with the group, which again comes back to the lack of experience and knowledge. He may have had a muscle cramp or possibly even a panic attack, which is why you stay with the group!

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inkochi - Maybe irikandji jelly fish - very small, very toxic

I got done by one of these as a child in the 90's whilst snorkelling off Cairns. Wouldn't wish it on anyone...

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Stinger season is from November to April here in Cairns.

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Very sorry to hear that. So young.

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some people live long lives, some people live short lives - from movie Nada Sou Sou

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Tragic death, but I hope to god it is not another incident of a young Japanese person not knowing how to swim well yet being in the ocean. It happens so frequently it is a bit of a national issue.

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