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Swimmer Ikee appeals to public for blood donations as virus causes shortage

By Chris Gallagher

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AB+ desu...!

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Are people from the UK allowed to donate nowadays....years ago they weren't because of Mad Cow disease?

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BTW,what an inspiration that lady is......I wish her all the best in her recovery.

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Life is a precious gift. Donating blood adds life to the lifespan of the blood giver and the blood receiver. Long live life. Japanese star swimmer Rikako Ikee is an inspiration.

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I would give my blood... but i am afraid it may not be a good one... way too much Jack Daniels in it. And i am 0 Negative (not much for Japanese)

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@John Beara, you’re in luck, type O is a a Universal Donor...most compatible with other blood types.

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The Japan Red Cross has a pre-donation questionnaire that must be filled out.

It's only in Japanese, and it says that only people who can understand the Japanese questionnaire are allowed to donate.

They have an entire website in English, so why can't they make an English version of the pre-donation questionnaire as well?

Seems like it's their way of preventing foreigners from donating, figuring that most foreigners can't read Japanese.

They can't engage in out-and-out discrimination, so it seems "oh, they can't understand the forms, so, sorry" is their way of worming around it.

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You can get cash for your plasma in America

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Some years ago a Japanese hospital saved my life, part of the job with a rare blood type donated by Japanese volunteers as the call went out. I am eternally grateful.

This woman is a bright light.

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Even out of the pool, Ikee san continues to be amazing!!

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I wish I could donate. Last time I did, I fainted and I think they blacklisted my name. I felt so bad for the nurse who had to deal with me and don’t want to traumatize others.

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