Japanese 'tenant' leaves Mexico City airport


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He was living out his fantasy from the movie "The Terminal" ?

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usaexpat: If so, my respect for him just went up from zero.

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Many of my Japanese friends are ashamed by this nut case and when I tell my these same guys he is gone from the Mexico City International airport, they will be very relieved! What a disgrace to all the hard working Japanese in Mexico and to the other Japanese who just happen to run into pendejos like these who should be in some kind of psychological treatment.

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left under equally mysterious circumstances.

Cause of security concern for Mexican authorities.

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up from zero to what? 0.1?

and as for those who find him an "embarrassment" to the japanese, bah. leave the man live out his dream of being in the movie.

(fortunately for him, being mysterious isn't a crime.)

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He is a smart guy, he will come back to Japan and reap his 15 minutes of fame, But I guess this being Japan he will get about an hours worth.

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While his purpose for staying at the airport for three months is mysterious, his decision to leave is certainly not:

"Reforma reported that he left Sunday with a woman who had visited him at least twice at the airport. But no one is sure who she is."

After three months he left in order to get himself some. Rather obvious I'd say.

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The stranger story here is that an airport would allow someone to live in one of their terminals for four months.

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