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Japanese toilet giant flipping open lid on new museum


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Go visit their showroom in Shinjuku. As you walk by rows of toilet seats rise up as if they're saluting you. Makes you feel important.

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Really crappy exhibits there.

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LOVE washlets! I wish Japan would have them butt rinsers in every public restroom. Now that is something Japan could be proud of

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I wish Japan would have them butt rinsers in every public restroom.

I just wish Japan would have toilet seats in every public restroom.

I also wish other companies would innovate as much as the toilet companies, instead of just copying each other and making minor improvements.

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Washlet is one of the top inventions ever out of Japan. bet this museum gets a lot of visitors.

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which part of Shinjuku the showroom located? i would like to visit.

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@mtuffizi Here's a link to Lonely Planet. Another thing is that it's 26/27 floors up and provides terrific views of Tokyo.


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I love the toilets here. In the restroom of a mall Germany, I saw something even better. Of course there were washlets, but after use, the seat would actually rotate through a wash cycle so every patron got a clean seat.

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The whole thing stinks.

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@ mtuffizi

which part of Shinjuku the showroom located?

At the *ars end**, I believe! ;)

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****you mean that till 1914 all toilets in Japan were the thigh-wrenching squats over a smelly tank?That beats the s--t out of me.

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I wouldn't poop over any other toilet.

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I am tourist guide and emerging subject with clients is toilets.I Know now I have a place for them to visit.

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May be they should install them in our hoses of parliament Why? well lets face it the politicians talk out of there A*** most the time. so they need a regular clean up!

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First-world issues

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Sounds like catching on in a way, if not, in the flush of enthusiasm. I mean toilets are must-have items after all.

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The wash toilet is the savior of civilization. Saves paper. Saves time in the toilet. Saves your ***.

Trouble is that a lot of JR stations and places of interest still have those hideous benjos. Wash toilets everywhere! Sit down and cheer.

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