Japanese tourists hurt in Neuschwanstein carriage crash


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That's such a shame. The horse carriage ride there is really a great way to enjoy the road up to the castle. My husband and I enjoyed it on our honeymoon and got great pictures with the horse and carriage. Hopefully they find out why the horse bolted (if it wasn't just spooked by something) and if try to ensure it won't happen again. Hoping for a quick and full recovery for all involved.

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Since I was nearly part of such an accident I keep my distance from horses. They might be magnificent animals and I can understand that people like them, but they freak out about tiny things, for example orange plastic bags...

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Now that's a bad European vacation. Sad.

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Best way to visit the castle is to take the bus up , then walk back down afterward.

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Horses are hysterical animals, I try to stay away from them. Never really understood why some people like them so much.

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