Hokkaido town deploys 'Monster Wolf' robots to deter wild bears


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The real Japanese wolf roamed the central and northern islands of the country before being hunted to extinction more than a century ago.

As well as many other native species...

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With all the crazy and crappy news recently I have to say thanks for making this one of the top stories of the day. Was nice to read and like a journey back to more “normal” times.

I think I’d be running the other way if I encountered that creature!!!

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Somebody cleaned up on this! Being next to a conservation area, literally in my back yard, boars are a common nuisance. Their babies slip under my gate and wreck havoc. My neighbor installed blue flickering lights as his property is really attacked. Nothing happened. Boars are smart, smarter than dogs. They will know this thing ain’t moving, and is not a threat, but kudos to the inventor and marketer who conned this city into buying it! You think the city would be smarter!

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That may be well and true for boars, but this article is about bears. They may react differently.

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It is an unusual story for sure but if that's what it takes and they work that's great.

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Ok let’s agree, Robo Woof would frighten the living daylights out of some wandering five-year-old when its complex automated actions descended into a technical meltdown.

These hairy claws and paws, carnivoran mammals (Bears) process an intellectual capacity through a sizable brain.

Of course, I am not suggesting, Baloo, would be contemplating running for office, and would struggle completing The Time crossword.

I do contend, bears are believed to remember habitats where food is readily available.

I would not be surprised if officials will sooner or later find our hairy companions having a teddy bears picnic under one or more of these monstrosities.

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Bring back the wolves.

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They should do some research. Bears typically win the fights. Larger tearing teeth, larger claws, and sheer strength. Even bear cubs are stronger than mature wolves.

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TheRat, yes Bears have an advanced sense of smell. 100 times greater than humans. One sniff and Winnie-the-Pooh will locate the off switch

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I think I’d be running the other way if I encountered that creature!!!

If you suddenly run away from there, bear likely follow and attack you. It seems to me the robots were made after many tests done. These would work for a while.

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Interesting that the wolves were hunted to extinction but the bears were not.

Wouldn't bears have been a more dangerous nuisance to human beings than wolves in the past?

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Human is soo arrogant that they think bears will scare of this Halloween toy........ pathetic. a few day later crow pooh and snow will freeze this joke forever

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I may be more scared of those creepy wolves than the bears lol

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that looks like a darn hell spawn lol

heard of scarecrows before but never heard of scarebears... xD

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Who knew Man with a Mission had a side gig.

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Pretty sure I saw this same one on Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei recently.

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Will these wolves scare away Winnie the Pooh?

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This won’t solve the problem. I have a big dog that hates the deer, so they walk over to my neighbors gardens and eat their veggies.

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I wonder if this bear version of a scarecrow works. I remember reading in a survival book that pee from an adult male human helps deter predators as a way of "marking" man territory. If I was living in this place, I wouldn't mind volunteering for bear patrol, just give me a rifle and some fireworks.

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Bears are not that stupid. Some of them may initially be startled but after they see these are harmless robots, they will ignore.

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This is being laughed at on comedy shows world-wide.

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The best way to scare off a bear is to shoot it!

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