Japanese university plans experiment to grow human organs in pigs


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I hope it does work.... but if it does and it does not kill the pig after the organ has been harvested, that pig deserves to slosh about and eat well until it dies of old age.

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A lot of sick Japanese have to go overseas to purchase organs, and are easy prey to foreign medical agents selling them. So, this development is very good. Hopefully in a few years Japanese can recover by purchasing pig grown organs, and can remain in Japan.

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Well done, Japanese scientists! I hope it's a success.

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How far will this go, growing organs in other species to replace human organs? Kazuo Ishiguro's story 'Never Let Me Go' comes to mind, along with the film Island. Searching for Immortality...

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Trying to catch up with China!

this has serious ethical implications.

nobody knows the effects of transmutation in such a short timeframe.

also abuse of such technology to create a superhuman sub species, which is actually underway.

using the “cost benefit” and “convienient availabily” argument is gobfish. Organs are very easily available from Indian mafia and warlords controlling the sub Saharan to Libya slave route.

thses advances needs serious expert discussion. Not drug company political lobbyists.

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Errr.... doesn't this guy read the news?

Already beaten to it!

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grow human pancreases in pigs for transplantation

The only (rather minor) side effect? Pancreas transplant recipients inherit pigs' digestive system characteristics i.e feces consistency, appearance etc. No big deal.

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