Japanese utilities stop funding for nuclear fuel reprocessing


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They need to start funding renewables and wean themselves off the nuclear teat.

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Research and product dev of renewable fuel are actually going on...maybe not enough funding, not enough interest, cost, or any other reasons makes the shift to renewable fuel hard.

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Mox fuel has been a decades long failure for Japan's Nuclear Industry mostly subsidised by tax payers. All these utilities are doing is walking away from a technology they mishandled leaving the bill for tax payers again. Sometimes a disaster doesn't cost lives but tax dollars. Again the Nuclear village gets a free pass. Thank goodness I get a tax increase to help bail out a none starter to begin with.

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This is REALLY bad, this joke is going to come back & make Fukushima look like a little sparkler!!

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Japan and nuclear power is like a kid with a loaded shotgun.

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Apart from throwing in the sea, all storage is full. Time to close all. Forever.

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