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Japanese warship heads to Middle East to protect oil tankers

By Mari Yamaguchi

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The Abe government is expected to authorize troops to protect Japanese commercial ships in case of danger, a plan that has faced opposition from pacifist groups.

So these pacifist groups advocate people geting injured or dying, massive property damage, the oil cargo not reaching Japan and environmental disasters from oil spills.

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Despite being a U.S. ally, Japanese troops are not part of a U.S.-led coalition protecting Middle East waterways, because Tokyo wants to maintain neutrality in a show of consideration to Iran.

You can't be neutral knowing the only country to back groups to attack ships is Iran.

Moreover, any wrong done by Japanese navy will then be Japan's responsability. A huge potential burden.

Sending a 200 sailor warship is anyway 'ot to gather intelligence, it is to fire back if needed.

Japan is no longer neutral and will face in the future many new opposition.

I leave it to Japanede to understand what they are doing because when a wrapped body comes back home, it is a difficult sacrifice. Even more difficult to bear knowi g kids and young people are becoming so few.

Wish them to go through calm waters.

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I bet all of the Nippon Kaigi/LDP oyaji got a kick out of that photo.

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An other indirect subsidy to prop up fossil fuels.

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So these pacifist groups advocate people geting injured or dying, massive property damage, the oil cargo not reaching Japan and environmental disasters from oil spills

On what basis can you say these words so confidently? If you’re saying things such as these out of your fancy, you’re a fake news maker and propagator.

It's true that a Japanese tanker was attacked in June in the Gulf of Oman. That attack occurred during Abe's visit to Iran and while he was meeting with the Iranian president.

The U.S. blamed Iran for the attack, showing as evidence a blurred picture in which two masked-men trying to attach a limpet mine on the hull of a vessel, saying they were Iranian and that the vessel was a Japanese tanker. How can one say the two men were Iranian and that the vessel was the oil tanker in question? Can Japan join the U.S.-led bellicose coalition force on this skimpy evidence? Besides, it’s against the pacifist constitution to engage in a conflict should that ever happen.

Even sending a warship to the area on the pretext of gathering information may simply be an overreaction on the part of Japan.

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Ossan America I'd quite right to question whether it is known for sure that it is the Iranians that are attacking shipping. It seems we have only their word that it is so, and we know from the Iraq war how suspect American I telligence can be. Also, with Trump at the helm in the White House desperate to bend the Iranians to his will about nuclear power, who knows what tricks he and the sycophantic staff he has gathered around after dismissing those he didn't like, might be getting up to.

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Japanese private ships were attacked. Japan sends a warship to protect. It's a simple, understandable story.

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I bet all of the Nippon Kaigi/LDP oyaji got a kick out of that photo.

All of Japan is proud of our great Navy!

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I wonder who is the enemy in the Straits of Hormuz?

And if the Japanese Navy found the US undertaking a false flag on a Japanese ship-what then?

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Several decades ago when J-PM Nakasone visited Washington DC to meet Pres Ronald Reagan, the US Navy band played "Anchors Aweigh" followed by the "Gunkan March". Possibly the only time in history that has happened. However, when the JS IZUMO was launched in 2013, USN officers attended the ceremony, so the JMSDF band played the "Gunkan March" followed by "Anchors Aweigh".

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@Tony W

Japan has never recognized the two attacks on their ships as having been Iranian. The JMSDF are there to protect and gather intelligence to prevent attack from anybody. The Trump administration, in my opinion, is as eager to start a fight with Iran as the Bush adnin was to start with Iraq. Japan took the smart move by sending protection but not joining the "coalition".

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A masssively symbolic move by Japan. The first step in a staircase

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Just because we don't know who attacked the two oil tankers doesn't mean it didn't happen! It did!

No one is talking about attacking anyone, it's about protecting our ships, citizens and interest.

Other countries including S. Korea are sending ships as well. I don't hear you cry and complain about that part. Kind of convenient how they always target Japan...

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Regardless of political positions, I hope no Japanese life is lost or injured.

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I bet all of the Nippon Kaigi/LDP oyaji got a kick out of that photo.

OTOH, they might be a little disappointed by the incredibly poor turnout.

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Cool! But what are doing in the case of an emergency? Talk the enemy to death or wait they get hit?

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The Iranians use small attack speed boats quite effectively, which these larger vessels are not very well equipped to handle. It's going to be interesting to see how things pan out should a skirmish arise, perhaps Government Navies will adapt and develop new techniques as a result. As for the Japanese Sailors, this will probably be their first active hot zone engagement - their Families will undoubtedly be worried for their Safety. Let's hope nothing happens.

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How sick is it to see anti-Japanese messages on a Japanese news newspaper. Anyway, freedom of speech is proven here.

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Good for them, godspeed and safe wishes!

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An other indirect subsidy to prop up fossil fuels.

Then stop using your phones, the internet, transportation (air & land), wearing clothes, using utensils, etc. etc. etc. which are pretty much all by products of fossil fuels and go live in a hut someplace.

The Japanese Warship should do a great job or just stay in our (USA) wake and we will handle the heavy lifting but do show up.

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If a Japan asset is attacked outside its own borders and body of waters under the agreement between US and Japan, the US does not have to protect Japan as this area is not under the umbrella. Japan is pretty much on its own for meddling out of their territory.

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playing with fire

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If Japan had gone green with its wealth of renewable energy its dependence on oil would be much less and this would spur more green research instead of ignoring it

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Indeed, no easy answers, discussions all around; may our first thoughts be those of Courage, Wisdom, Hope towards those deployed and their Families awaiting their safe return.

Calm dialog going forward...
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Trump is the most anti war president of our lifetime.

He has clearly demonstrated that by now.

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