Japanese win Ig Nobel prize for study of finger movements


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IG nobel is not real nobel, it's organized by a humor magazine.

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Nice news for my morning coffee.

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... way to go..... Japan.

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Not so funny anymore when considering that real much of tax money , resources and energy are used for such useless nothing they even dare to call science or research.

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Despite the parody, Ig Nobel is gaining public recognition.

All award winners of this year have been announced:

Here are the winners of the 2022 Ig Nobel Prizes

My favorite is the study for the biology prize:

"Solimary García-Hernández and Glauco Machado, for studying whether and how constipation affects the mating prospects of scorpions."

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Yet, still no money for much more important research into button-pushing and switch-flipping? Thanks LDP!

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Could be very useful research for developing new technology interfaces that are intuitive.

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Japanese students have a habit of twirling their pencils. A teacher knows they've lost the class's interest when the sound of pencils hitting the floor occurs.

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My favorite Ig award went to some Dutch researchers who confirmed that silicone love dolls could spread sexually transmitted diseases.

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There is a lot worse "research" than this. The results could be helpful in the design of "twirly things".

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In the 1830s Maxwell and Faraday were working on something called "electricity" and "electromagnetic fields", a technology that revolutionized our lives. I bet they would have won the Ig Nobel prize if it had existed back in their day. Nobody knew what they were doing.

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There's a lot of "finger wagging" going on this site these days. Should get those experts in to explain it.

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I am undrgoing physical therapy after wrist surgery and carpal tunnel release on my right hand. Some of the strengthening exercises are for my grip between my thumb and first two fingers. Research " examining how many fingers people typically use along with the thumb when turning objects such as handles, tabs and knobs and where exactly the fingertips are placed in the experiments aimed at improving the design of cylindrical objects" sounds much more reasonable to me now that I have undergone this restorative surgery and therapy than it would have otherwise. Things that sound Ig Noble or a waste of research money to the common person may be really worthwhile to others who are suffering. I, too, love to read the Ig Noble prize stories. This one award may cause me to think more about the whys for seemingly silly esoteric research in the future.

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