Japanese woman, 73, in record Everest attempt


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Good luck to her!

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I will be happy if I'm fit enough to climb out of bed when I am at that age.

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73 Years old and climbed the highest mountain on Earth? Wow not that is awesome!! Just posted a comment earlier on the British Woman Sarah who's rowing from Japan to Vancouver. We need more women like these. Nice headlines today JT!

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Well actually she was 63(I guess) ten years ago when she climbed the Everest last time. And now at 73 she will try again. Hope the weather is on her side and she is able to make it to the summit once more.

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her neighbors must be happy.

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Hope she takes her Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills with her.

She's probably light enough to be easily carried if her knees give out!

Good on you, Watanabe San.

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Good luck to her! She puts many of the young folks to shame with the great shape she is on. Fantastic role model.

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Everest is like the heck of a big graveyard! I hope her will is completed. Its a big risk for no tangible gain whatsoever.

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