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Japanese woman killed after ferry hits her kayak in Malaysia


A Japanese woman was killed after the kayak that she and her husband were in was hit by a ferry in Malaysia's Sabah state, the Star newspaper reported in its online edition on Tuesday.

According to the Star, the ferry was reversing away from a jetty when it hit the kayak, killing Reiko Tanaka, 60, and injuring her husband Takao, 66, shortly before 1 p.m. on Monday.

Acting city police chief Deputy Supt Peter Umbuas said the boat operator had been detained for questioning, the Star reported.

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Dang man, Japanese Women has no luck in Malaysia.

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Rest in Peace. What a brutal way to die. Depending on the size of the screws, the Kayak was probably sucked under the ferry. My prayers go out to the family.

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I know it is very disgusting to say anything else than RIP, but how on earth these two didn't notice and care about that huge ferry in due time and pulled the oars and row to safer distance. Many of them are like lemmings, they bump in everything in their way they simply can't dodge anything. When I was rowing in the river there was no way I approached or allow any huge boats, ferries or whatever close to me. I stayed away just to play safe. My basic thoughts were: they are big ships I can notice them easily I can care, me a small kayak he will not necessary capable to see me from the helm, lets move away quick. BTW I meet more and more lemming people specially bicyclist today, they bump in me and into each others in the street. Now that was a big one.

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Too old to be kayaking?? No death penalty for Malaysian ferry driver??

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Agree with Munya. Besides there is a maritime rule that gives priority to bigger ships and you aren't allowed to get in their way. Can't understand either why anyone would be so dumb to go kayaking at a port where ferries or bigger ships are docking. RIP

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Who knows what happened. Maybe it was their first time in a Kayak and they had no idea what they were doing. Maybe they saw the ship moving and panicked. Anyways, a pretty terrifying way to die.

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I agree...it's weird that these elderly cuple were kayaking in such busy route...common sense says to not do that... They shouldn't be allowed to be near the ferry route. It's not much about the ferry driver.

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Crikey - that's a bit rough going out like that. Rest in Peace.

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