Japanese women fall behind Hong Kong in longevity


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With the increasingly Americanized diet, what do you expect?

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What about the men? I'm "glad" this has happened because I've been stating that the age is going to drop with all the crap they've been eating and the change in lifestyle. Flat out refusal to believe it - and now it has happened.

That being said, I am surprised it is HK that took the lead.

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the age is going to drop with all the crap they've been eating

I'd say, for some of them, this unnecessary 'I'm so fat, I have to diet, no breakfast for me, no food today' is doing them more harm than good.

That being said, I am surprised it is HK that took the lead.

IVe always been surprised, considering the amount of air pollution there and the stress in people's daily lives - if you think Tokyo is crowded, try HK.

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Shouldn´t someone be measuring QUALITY of life instead?

I don´t want to seem unfeeling about the Our Country is Number One title but I do think that a fulfilling, happy and well enjoyed life is way more important. If it came to: no more red meat and you might add 3 more years... I would say F. that. Sure I choose to eat healthy whenever possible, but I am glad to have more options when choosing a restaurant. Sure most people will ¨demonize¨ american eating habits but isn´t it great that we do have that choice to make?

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Japanese women are now sucked into the サラリーマン lifestyle, which is why their lives are becoming shorter. When you work from 9am until midnight, five days a week, that's what happens.

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With the increasingly Americanized diet, what do you expect?

Hong Kong has an increasingly "Americanized" diet too. Really, you should take a look at eating habits there. There's also been a colonial influence on the cuisine there since the 19th century, so some unhealthy foreign habits have been readily absorbed. And Cantonese food is probably the most meat-focused of the four big regions of Chinese cuisine. Pork, the fattier the better, is a huge thing in Hong Kong. I don't say any of this to suggest that it's bad, only that a place with a love of meaty, salty, oily food has managed to achieve longevity statistics that rival Japan's and are among the world's best.

Also, compared to most of Japan, Hong Kong is incredibly polluted, and is generally a crowded, stressful place to live. It's almost entirely urban, unlike Japan, which is a mixture of metropolitan, urban and rural.

If this teaches us anything, it's that modern, affluent life (in which we have to include improved hygiene, the decrease in infant mortality to effectively zero, good vaccination programmes, and modern medical care ) has done more to improve longevity than almost anything else, in the East and in the West. In both parts of the world, life expectancies improved hugely during the 20th century, and it is in poor countries where they continue to lag.

And whichever country makes it to the top of the list, longevity itself isn't any particular goal. Living to 92 might not be so fantastic if your wife is dead, all your friends are dead. your children are 600 miles away, you live alone, and your body, which has miraculously evaded cancer, heart disease and stroke, is unable to deal with simple things like conveying you to the kitchen to knock up a meal, or to the toilet to take a shit comfortably. That is the reality of extreme old age: your body gives out, your mind givies out, or both. It happened to some of my fittest, healthiest, most active relatives, and it's been a long time since I thought it would be really cool to go on living forever.

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Isn't losing about 4 tenths of a year kinda marginal? If this were to start a downward trend over the years and you end up only living 75 years, then maybe blame the food. But what happens if Japan surpasses Hong Kong next year? Need a little more time I think before bringing down the hammer on the big macs =D. Oh.. I don't eat fast food.. that stuff'l kill ya.

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Wipeout; you have made very thoughtful observations.

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With the increasingly Americanized diet, what do you expect?

Okinawa has the most Americanized diet in all of Japan, like yummy fried Spam, and it's people live longer than anywhere else in Japan.

I don't see a big connection with food. The top ten ranking represents a wide variety of different cuisines.

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life expectancy is a social problem for a nation and Hong Kong is just a city that hard to bear this heavy load of elderly populations that gave younger people unnecessary burdens!

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The average Hong Kong diet is not that great as they eat out a lot. But on the other hand most people don't own cars, so you do a lot of walking which is great exercise. And Chinese people are more sociable and have strong family ties which is an important factor in the longevity equation, I believe.

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Wipeout nailed it dead on. I also feel half the ladies here have some sort of mental sickness (men as well) Women here also are working more and are more stressed out at their job. There is also a lot of stress from social expectations and pressure to help support the family both financialy and at home. If the government wants to point a finger at something look at the mental health of the country. This is where Japan fails miserably.

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